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RIN Calculator for Biogas Projects

A tool by the ABC's RNG Working Group
Boxes in the blue section will calculate the values you input and automatically output results into boxes in the green section. Input values as precentages & do NOT include commas.

Inputs Input your values

Raw Biogas Production (standard cubic feet per minute/scfm):

Methane Content (% CH4):

Upgrading System Efficiency ([CH4 recovery] x [availability]) (%):

Note: Project and upgrading vendor specific

Lower Heating Value of a gallon of gasoline (BTU/gallon gasoline):

Note: US Department of Energy uses 114,000

Lower Heating Value of a gallon of diesel (BTU/gallon diesel):

Note: ABC RNG WG recommends 127,000

Market Value of one RIN ($):

Note: Ensure correct RIN value used. D3 and D5 RIN values differ.
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Value LCFS ($/MMBTU):

Note: Depends on GREET Carbon Intensity.
Sign up for daily RIN and LCFS price reports from one of our members here
Outputs View Results

MMBTU per year:

Note: 1 decatherm roughly equal to 1 MM BTU

RIN per minute:

Note: 77,000 BTU/RIN, as defined by the EPA

BTU per minute RNG:

RIN per day:

GGE per day:

DGE per day:

RIN Revenue per day ($):

RIN Revenue per week ($):

RIN Revenue per year ($):

LCFS Revenue per day ($):

LCFS Revenue per week ($):

LCFS Revenue per year ($):

LHV= Lower Heating Value
DGE= Diesel Gallon Equivalents
GGE= Gasoline Gallon Equivalents

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