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Bernie Sheff, PE   Bernie Sheff, PE
Paul Greene   Lauren Toretta
Vice Chair
Bernie Sheff, PE   Mark Stoermann
Vice Chair
Paul Greene   Tony Callendrello
Amy McCrae Kessler   Melissa VanOrnum

Melissa VanOrnum   Patrick Serfass
Executive Director



Board of Directors
Bernie Sheff   Bernie Sheff, PE
Vice President of Engineering, ES Engineering Services, LLC
ABC Chairman
markstoermann   Mark Stoermann
Chief Operating Officer, Newtrient
ABC Co-Vice Chair
Kerry Kelly   Lauren Toretta
President, CH4 Biogas
callendrello   Tony Callendrello
CEO, NEO Energy
ABC Secretary
Melissa VanOrnum   Melissa VanOrnum
Vice President of Marketing, DVO, INc.
ABC Treasurer (ex officio)
Patrick Serfass   Patrick Serfass
Executive Director (ex officio)
frearphoto   Craig Frear
Director of Research and Technology, Regenis
Paul Greene   Paul Greene
AD Biogas Practice Lead, CDM Smith, Inc.
ABC Co-Vice Chair
jorgenson   Caroline Henry
Vice President, Marketing, quasar energy group
jorgenson   Brian Langolf
Biodigester Manager and Director of Biogas Systems and Research Development, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Campus
Amy McCrae Kessler   Amy McCrae Kessler
EVP, Head of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, Turning Earth LLC
ABC Co-Vice Chair
Norma McDonald   Norma McDonald
North American Sales Manager, Organic Waste Systems
Lisa McFadden   Lisa McFadden
Director, Integrated Technical Programs, Water Environment Federation

Kerry Kelly   Susan Robinson
Policy Manager, Waste Management Inc
Bill Tyndall   Bill Tyndall
Managing Director, Environmental Energy Capital LLC
noragoldstein   Nora Goldstein
Editor, BioCycle
ABC Director Emeritus (ex officio)
Staff Support
Patrick Serfass   Patrick Serfass, Executive Director (TTC) Caroline Peat   Caroline Peat, Project Assistant (TTC)
Maureen Walsh   Maureen Walsh, Director of Policy (Dynamic Change Group) Cordelia Pearson   Cordelia Pearson, Finance (TTC)

Additional staff support provided by TTC Staff and TTC’s Clean Energy Fellows

Commitee and Working Group Chairs
Legislative & Regulatory Affairs (LRA) Committee
[View committee members]
  • Amy McCrae Kessler, Turning Earth LLC (Federal)
  • Tony Callendrello, NEO Energy LLC (State)
  • Bill Jorgenson, Vanguard Renewables (State)
  Marketing and Education Committee
[View committee members]
  • Nora Goldstein, Biocycle
  • Lisa McFadden, Water Environment Federation
  • Kendall Christiansen, Gaia Strategies
Membership Committee
[View committee members]
  • Paul Greene, Natural Systems Utilities, LLC
  • Ron Skinner, A&R Agri-Sales
  • Craig Frear, Regenis
  AD Co-Products Working Group
[View committee members]
  • Amy McCrae Kessler, Turning Earth LLC
  • Melissa VanOrnum, DVO
  • Craig Frear, Regenis



AD Co-Products Digestate Standard Task Force [View committee members]

  • Amy McCrae Kessler, Turning Earth LLC
  • Clarke Pauly, CR&R Inc.
  RNG Working Group
[View committee members]
  • Sean Mezei, Dekany Consulting Inc.
  • Norma McDonald, Organic Waste Systems
Research and Development Advisory Working Group
[View committee members]
  • Christine McKiernan, BIOFerm Energy Systems
  • Craig Frear, Regenis
  • Tony Callendrello, NEO Energy

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