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The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee
U.S. Capitol buildingThe Legislative and Regulatory Affairs (LRA) Committee of the American Biogas Council meets regularly via conference calls to track policy developments on Capitol Hill and within federal regulatory agencies.

Current ABC Policy Goals/Initiatives
  • Passage of a new Farm Bill with renewed mandatory funding for bioenergy programs
  • Strengthening and improvement of the Renewable Fuels Standard
  • Expansion of US natural gas vehicle fleet and infrastructure
  • Greenhouse gas reduction policies such as a clean energy standard, a carbon tax or a market based greenhouse gas allowance trading system
  • Renewal of the federal renewable energy tax credits (Section 45 and 48) and the creation of a Section 48 credit for facilities producing biomethane as well as electricity
Federal Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee
The Federal Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee (FLRA) retains a top-level Washington DC lobbying firm to stay actively involved in the policy making process at the federal level. This allows the ABC to constantly increase the exposure of the industry to senior government officials and policy staff, act as a resource to government decision makers by providing information on the industry, and identify and pursue the ABC's policy objectives.

The FLRA holds regular conference calls to provide ABC members with:
  1. Complete, up-to-date information and intelligence on developments in Washington DC which affect ABC members' businesses;
  2. Status reports on ABC’s major initiatives to change policy so as to encourage the growth of the industry;
  3. Opportunity for feedback from members on the direction of the FLRA; and,
  4. Opportunity for general questions on US federal policy.

Additionally, the FLRA is available on an ad-hoc basis to members to pursue specific issues or problems related to US federal policy affecting the industry.


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