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Biogas Industry: Please Write Your Senators!
Ask your Senators to co-sponsor and support Senator Schumer's recently introduced Federal Biogas Investment Tax Credit, S.2739

This is an easy one. We've pre-written the letter for you and included the contact information for the person you should send the letter to in each of your Senate offices within the next two weeks.

5 Easy Steps
  1. Download this pre-written letter.
  2. Make a copy so you have two letters, one for each of your Senators.
  3. Download this spreadsheet of contact info, which has the finance staffer in each Senate office--the person you need to write to.
  4. Modify each letter, adding the date, contact info for the Senate office at the top and for your company at the bottom and put it on your company letterhead.
  5. Email both letters and copy or blind copy info@americanbiogascouncil.org by October 3.
Sending us a copy of the letter is critical because our legislative team will follow-up with each office behind you. We want to be able to reference your letter to remind them that they received it and of the importance of the biogas ITC.
That's it!

Background and Other Info

What is the biogas investment tax credit (ITC)?
The tax credit would provide a 30 percent investment tax credit (ITC) for qualifying biogas capital costs and add biogas to the list of renewable energy technologies that already receive a 30 percent federal investment tax credit.

Isn't there already a biogas ITC?
Yes, but one that only applies to some biogas projects. If your project qualifies for the biogas production tax credit under section 45 of the tax code, you can elect to take an investment tax credit instead under section 48. However, this only applies to projects that make electricity from the biogas they produce. Schumer's biogas ITC, will apply to all other biogas projects that "captures such gas for use as a fuel." This would cover biogas-pipeline projects, biogas-vehicle fuel projects and biogas used for heating.

Hasn't the "existing" biogas ITC expired?
Yes, but the EXPIRE Act will renew that credit in addition to the tax credits for all other kinds of renewables. In a separate effort, the ABC is pushing to get that bill passed as well, and we're trying to get this bill included in that package. This is part of why we need support from your Senators. Schumer's Biogas ITC, S.2739, is unlikely to become a part of a bill that will get widespread support from Congress without co-sponsors and other Senate support. We have to build support for this biogas ITC independent of what's happening with the other production and investment tax credits. Please help us!

Where can I find a link to the press release the ABC issued on this bill?

Where can I find a link to the actual biogas ITC bill language, S.2739, and other details about the bill?

Thank you for your action on this important initiative to create more incentives for new biogas projects.
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