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Smithfield Foods Invests in Sustainable Agronomics: Q&A with Bill Gill
In Missouri we've partnered with a company called Roeslein Alternative Energy (an ABC member) that is in the process of covering our hog farm anaerobic lagoons to collect biogas. RAE has technology to treat that biogas and make it "pipeline quality," essentially the same as natural gas. They can inject that renewable natural gas into the natural gas pipeline in the vicinity. Customers can then agree to purchase that specifically. More>>

SoCalGas and Opus 12 Successfully Demonstrate Converting CO2 in Biogas into More Methane
Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and Opus 12 today announced the successful demonstration of a new process to convert the carbon dioxide in raw biogas to methane in a single electrochemical step, a critical improvement in the science of upgrading biogas to pipeline quality natural gas, and a simpler method of converting excess renewable electricity into storable natural gas. More>>

Air Liquide doubles its biomethane production capacity
ABC ember Air Liquide has commissioned three new biomethane production units since the beginning of 2018, doubling its biomethane production capacity. With these units, Air Liquide has doubled its biomethane production capacity, which now stands at 60 MW, the equivalent of 500 GWh for a full year of production. More>>

Blue Sphere Reports 2017 Financial Results and Provides Business Update Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3740041#ixzz5DBBwGRm2
Shlomi Palas, Chief Executive Officer of ABC member Blue Sphere, commented, "We are very encouraged with the operational progress that Blue Sphere has made during 2017 and in 2018 we will be very focused on managing our asset portfolio to produce the highest level of efficiencies and cash flows. We will also continue to focus on acquisitions and developments that will add to our growing portfolio of assets." More>>

Einstein: Check out an exclusive preview of James Patterson's Genius new series
"Gas, sir. We can rig up an anaerobic digester that will turn the horse manure into biogas, which we can then combust to generate electricity and heat" More>>

USDA Secretary says RFS refinery waivers are hurting farmers, threatening rural livelihoods
A sharp increase in exemptions to federal renewable fuel blending mandates was destroying agriculture demand and adding to rural economic anxiety, US agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue told senators today. A record number of small refineries received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waivers to 2016 and 2017 requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), reducing the total physical volume of renewable fuels that must blend into the US fuel supply for this year. More>>

Likelihood of 2018 Farm Bill extension grows
As of mid-April, Congressional ag leaders on both sides of the political aisle appeared no closer to finishing a 2018 Farm Bill. In a North American Agricultural Journalists news conference, not one House or Senate ag committee leader would rule out extending the 2014 Farm Bill. More>>

Grassley, Thune, Blunt, Fischer, Ernst Joint Statement on EPA Attacks on RFS
Grassley, Thune, Blunt, Fischer and Ernst issued the following joint statement regarding the response letter from EPA, as well as further reports of EPA receiving applications for and in many cases granting "hardship" waivers meant for "small refiners" to multibillion dollar oil refining corporations. More>>

Draft 2018 Farm Bill reauthorizes Energy Title programs
On April 12, House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway, R-Texas, released a draft of the 2018 Farm Bill, officially titled the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018. The legislation reauthorizes many bioenergy-related programs, but provides them with only discretionary funding. More>>

Peterson slams GOP farm bill
Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota may be the most reluctant partisan in the U.S. House of Representatives. Peterson was a leader of the Blue Dog Democrats when there were enough rural Democrats from conservative areas to matter. He is a rock musician and a hunter. Alternating between chairman and ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee, he has negotiated the content of several farm bills with a series of Republicans. But on Tuesday, Peterson signaled to the North American Agricultural Journalists that he has had enough of House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway's plans to make changes to the food-stamp program in the 2018 farm bill. More>>

Rep. Collin Peterson in hot seat as farm bill talks stall in Congress
As Congress prepares to return from its spring recess, Peterson in an interview questioned whether a new farm bill will even be in place before the old one expires on Sept. 30. “Not the way they're going about it,” Peterson said of Republicans on the committee. More>>

Duke Delays Plans for CHP Plant, to Focus on Biogas Options
[Featuring ABC members Duke University and Duke Energy, unlrealted] Duke University: “We are committed to support and foster the development of a renewable biogas market in North Carolina that reduces reliance on fossil fuels and provides opportunities for positive community, environmental, economic and policy outcomes in the state,” said Trask. “At the same time, we will continue to pursue energy efficiency, solar energy and other strategies to meet our climate goals.” More>>

Smithfield Foods team up with Anuvia Plant Nutrients to develop bio-based sustainable fertilizer products
Smithfield Foods announces partnership with ABC member Anuvia Plant Nutrients to develop and market fertilizer products from renewable biological materials collected from hog farm's manure treatment systems. More>>

MN Rep. Peterson Visits Chippewa Valley Ethanol, Expresses Support for RFS
“I recently met with Secretary Perdue to emphasize the importance of these programs for rural Minnesota, and will continue to fight changes to the RFS that would undermine its success,” said Rep. Peterson. More>>

From hog to pipeline quality biogas
An innovative power plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, featuring ABC members Cavanaugh & Associates and Duke Energy is taking renewable biogas from hog farms in the state and using it to generate electricity. According to a statement, it is the first time the technology has been applied from in-state farms. More>>

Exclusive: Trump weighs dropping personal efforts on biofuel reform - sources
President Donald Trump is seriously considering abandoning efforts to remake the nation's biofuel laws after wading deep into an issue that divides some of his core constituencies, according to three sources familiar with the administration's thinking. More>>

Save $1/gallon for a whole year when you buy Redeem RNG
We love seeing biogas-related mainstream marketing like this so much, we just had to share. Redeem is the RNG brand from ABC member company Clean Energy Renewable Fuels. More>>

With flood of EPA waivers, refineries find way around ethanol mandate
Refining executive on EPA waivers for RFS compliance: "The EPA was handing out those exemptions like trick or treat candy." More>>

Welcome New Member Renergy, Inc!
Renergy, Inc. is a green energy company that utilizes anaerobic digestion to recycle everyday waste into electricity and soil nutrients. We own two bioenergy plants in Ohio, and a CNG fueling station at the heart of Ohio's interstates. Renergy is committed to reducing carbon emissions through the responsible and sustainable use of bioenergy. More>>

Even Without Trump-Brokered Deal, Refiners Get Biofuel Relief
Despite a series of White House meetings in recent months, U.S. oil refiners haven't seen any change in the federal mandate requiring them to blend biofuels. Yet the market in biofuel credits shows they're getting some of what they want anyway. [ABC Note: This may impact D6 prices and not D3/D5] More>>

Officials: We've addressed odor problems at wastewater treatment plant
During the first week of August, the authority received a higher-than-normal amount of grease from haulers, and operators ended up putting too much material into the system, upsetting the digesters. The authority halted deliveries of grease until an executive oversight committee made up of Glen Ellyn and Lombard officials set new protocols. More>>

Welcome New Member Diamond Scientific!
Ray and his team at Diamond Scientific offer fixed and portable biogas analyzers, for emissions, calibration, tuning, and power generation. More>>

Welcome New Member: Sustainable Green Technologies Ltd. (SGTech)
Sustainable Green Technologies (SGTech) is a multi-disciplinary R&D clean tech & renewable energy company, specializing in nutrient recovery, biogas solutions and water recycling for livestock. SGTech developed a game-changing, chemical-free, and economical waste treatment process that produces treated water at a quality suitable for sewage discharge. More>>

Trump administration may leave biofuel reform to lawmakers: Perdue
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue signaled on Tuesday that the Trump administration was backing off efforts to make major changes to the nation's biofuels program and may leave it to lawmakers to settle the divisive issue instead. More>>

Democrats Put Farm Bill Talks on Hold
For those tracking the farm bill, the top question this week is whether the House Agriculture Committee chairman and ranking member can reopen talks that stalled last week, after Democrats balked at possible cuts to the food stamp program. Rep. Collin C. Peterson, the top committee Democrat, said Thursday he would heed his colleagues' request that he stop negotiations until Chairman K. Michael Conaway gives members the text of the proposed farm bill, along with Congressional Budget Office cost estimates and impact assessments. More>>

Bankrupt Philadelphia refiner settles biofuel obligation with EPA: court filing
The refiner, Carlyle Group-backed Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES), filed for bankruptcy protection in January and asked a judge to waive some $350 million in compliance costs under the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS. The EPA and PES agreed on Monday that the refiner would only have to satisfy about half those costs, but would face more scrutiny moving forward, court documents showed. The settlement is facing early opposition from ethanol groups. More>>

Live Now: Introduction to Anaerobic Digester Operation
The American Biogas Council is bringing training about biogas system operation to the San Francisco Bay Area hosted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Join us! More>>

Lisa Jacobson from BCSE testifies at Ways and Means hearing to support biogas
ABC and the trade associations for the other baseload renewables, biomass, hydro, geothermal and waste to energy, nominated Lisa Jacobson, Executive Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy to testify at today's Ways and Means Committee hearing in support of extending the Section 45 tax credits for our industries and HR4137. More>>

Farm Bill Put in Jeopardy Over Food Stamp Work Requirements
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway said he's delaying the release of a draft law renewing farm and nutrition programs to try and produce a bill with bipartisan support after intense Democratic opposition over cuts to the food-stamp program raised the possibility the bill could be imperiled.[The Farm Bill is important to the biogas industry because it funds several programs, especially through the energy title.] More>>

Add Cow Manure to Your List of Renewable Energy Sources
Methanation, as the process is called, can be viewed as a way to improve the performance of solar or wind power, according to Patrick Serfass, executive director of the American Biogas Council. Wind and solar power is intermittent and must be stored for use at times when there is no sun or wind. More>>

Codigestion At Water Resource Recovery Facilities
[BioCycle Magazine] In California, water resource recovery facilities have capacity to help provide food waste recycling infrastructure. Elsewhere in the U.S., facilities are ramping up to codigest these high strength feedstocks. Featuring ABC members CDM Smith, BioCycle, Water Environment Federation, Vaughan Company, and Waste Management. More>>

Can the advice the UK Biogas Association has for its government be translated to the US?
Putting AD on the Pathway to Zero Subsidy?...[This] would of course be helped by proper carbon pricing or some equivalent measure to penalise the fossil fuel competitor technologies. This carbon pricing would need to involve methane emission pricing from sources such as manure management. Fossil heating fuels would also need to be included. Assuming carbon pricing doesn't progress, what other options do we have as an industry? We've outlined in the past five areas that would help: More>>

Senate Democrats Release Infrastructure Proposal
Senate Democrats released their $1 trillion plan for rebuilding America's infrastructure last week, on the heels of the White House's infrastructure proposal that was released last month...The inclusion of water as a main pillar of both the White House plan and the Senate Democrat plan marks a major advocacy victory for the clean water community and is a directly result of hard work done by ABC member NACWA and its members. More>>

Snack Food Manufacturer Hungry to Become More Environmentally Friendly
In June 2017, Monogram Foods Solutions completed construction of a clean energy plan--adjacent to its production facility in Martinsville, Va.--that uses an anaerobic digester to treat its wastewater. Monogram's clean energy plant was named the 2017 project of the year by the American Biogas Council. More>>

ABC signs on to letter urging reauthorization of energy title in next Farm Bill
On March 6, a group of more than 200 companies and trade associations sent a letter to House and Senate Agricultural Committee leaders urging them to reauthorize and fund energy title programs in the next Farm Bill. "It is essential that a healthy, robust bipartisan energy title continue as part of new comprehensive agriculture legislation," they wrote. "We also strongly recommend common sense improvements to make these programs even more valuable in impacting a broader array of technologies." More>>

One way to get companies to care about food waste? Make it profitable
"There needs to be a plan in place to deal with the diverted organic waste." What Donaldson means is that governments are aware that private companies are trying to find ways to minimize food waste.They just haven't been properly incentivized to do so. At the level of industry, the authors encourage companies to invest in the infrastructure that supports the process of anaerobic digestion (AD) in large-scale containers. More>>

Iogen CEO Brian Foody gave this overview of biogas' promise and the technology's progress
America generates very large quantities of biogas. In total, almost 10% of America's gasoline consumption in terms of energy equivalent volumes. The largest sources of methane are landfills, followed by wastewater and then manure. It's an atmospheric problem and a carbon opportunity and in recent years Iogen, one of the world's cellulosic ethanol pioneers, has been active in developing and deploying biogas capture technology. [ABC note: We don't agree with all the data in this presentation, but the information on injection projects and the market projections for RNG are worth checking out.] More>>

Anaerobic digester being planned south of Yuma, CO
An anaerobic digester plant that would covert animal waste into a usable energy source, among other things, is being planned for south of Yuma. The project is set at $20 million, though Johnson said the hope is it will be a little less than that. Johnson said, when operational, the facility would employ approximately six full-time workers, with a total of 10-12 employees including part-time. More>>

Organic Waste to Watts in Wine Country
"To implement the project, each of the cities and the county agreed to 20-year waste collection contracts with Waste Connections, which would deliver the organics to the Kompogas facility, to be located at the Waste Connections yard near the city of San Luis Obispo," Worrell explains. "The plant would be designed, financed, built, owned and operated by ABC member Hitachi Zosen Inova, with a 20-year commitment from Waste Connections to provide the plant with the organic waste stream." More>>

European Biogas Association Statistical Report 2017 just published
The number of biogas plants in Europe has greatly increased. Between 2009 (earliest EBA data) and 2016, the total number of biogas plants rose from 6,227 to 17,662 installations (+11,435 units). Growth was particularly strong from More>>

Report: How gas can help achieve the Paris Agreement target in an affordable way (2018)
To achieve the Paris Agreement target of limiting global temperature increase to well below two degrees, a major redesign of the energy system is required. This study by Ecofys, a Navigant company, explores the role of gas in a fully decarbonised energy system by 2050. We conclude that it is possible by 2050 to scale up renewable gas (biomethane and renewable hydrogen) production in the EU to a quantity of 122 billion cubic metres by 2050. We also conclude that using this gas with existing gas infrastructure, smartly combined with renewable electricity in sectors where it adds most value, can lead to 138 billion Euros societal cost savings annually compared to decarbonisation without a role for renewable gas. More>>

Amazon pushed by investors to reconsider food waste opportunities
Investors, including Green Century Capital Management Inc., are pushing Amazon to publicly address how much food from its grocery operation goes to waste, according to The Wall Street Journal. Amazon told Green Century in January that food waste "wasn't material," and that food represented less than 1% of its operating expenses and assets in 2017, enabling the company to exclude the proposal under SEC rules. More>>

U.S. Agriculture Secretary seeks to calm farmers after Trump biofuel talks
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told an agriculture conference on Wednesday that he and President Donald Trump support the country's biofuels policy, and that any reports to the contrary are "fake news." "I will not support any policy that diminishes demand, undermines the RFS or is harmful to agricultural producers," Perdue said. More>>

The city (NYC) should consider biogas buses
The city needs to take action not only in the building sector but in the transportation sector, which is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the U.S. and accounts for 25% of the city's. Buses and heavy-duty trucks are critical factors in those emissions. Align suggests electrifying the city's bus fleet, but there's another worthy option: converting it to run on biogas -- specifically, renewable natural gas fuel made from organic waste. More>>

Trump RFS meeting ends with no deal
Executive Director of the American Biogas Council Patrick Serfass told Waste Dive in an email the inconclusive meeting was "nothing new" in a way -- but the RFS remains a program worth investing in. "It's successfully incentivizing the production of renewable fuels which reduce the air emissions from vehicles while creating jobs and investment, much of it in rural America," Serfass wrote. More>>

EPA Unresponsive to Senators' Letter on Agency Position on RIN Prices
U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) today issued the following statement on EPA's official position, restated as recently as November 2017 that, "high RIN prices do not cause significant harm to refiners." Grassley also commented on a previously unreleased letter that he, along with Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), wrote in January 2018 asking EPA about its previous assessments that RIN prices do not affect the success of refiners. EPA has yet to respond to the senators' letter, despite numerous staff follow-ups. More>>

Jobs are at stake, and not just in one refinery
Former Obama Labor Chief Seth Harris says the RFS is a "ray of hope" for middle-class workers. Attacks on American biofuels don't address PES issues, but they will kill jobs. More>>

Carbon-negative fuels in the spotlight as Ohio State, Argonne National Labs, Energy Vision make material progress
This week, we heard the "carbon-negative" magic words via ABC member Argonne National Labs, According to this source, Argonne National Labs GREET model is showing that under certain circumstances R-CNG produced from anaerobic digestion of food waste is net-carbon negative over its lifecycle, including production, use and avoided emissions. That means making and using it actually results in lower atmospheric GHG than if the fuel were never made or used. [Featuring ABC members Fair Oaks Dairy, Energy Vision, and Argonne National Labs] More>>

Hog manure to biogas to power plants in 30 seconds
Randy from ABC member Duke Energy explains how they're getting directed renewable natural gas to their power plants from biogas that's produced from hog farms in NC. More>>

Clean Energy Fuels Poised To Bounce After Earnings
Shares of Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) have declined about 30% over the last quarter on very little news. When the company reports on March 13th, I expect we may see an increase in both fuel volume and earnings, and this may very well result in a bump in share price. More>>

Woodland, CA initiates organic recycling program for residential customers
Beginning Thursday, Woodland residents will join restaurants and other food providers in the city and across the state at being able to recycle their food and organic waste. The service begins with those city homeowners who have their trash, recyclables and yard waste normally retrieved by Waste Management, an ABC member. More>>

EPA: More than 1 million cellulosic RINs generated in January
The U.S. EPA has released renewable identification number (RIN) generation data for January, reporting that approximately 1.52 billion RINs were generated during the month, including more than 1 million cellulosic RINs. More>>

American Organic Energy CEO Charles Vigliotti Recognized as 'Global Game Changer'
A global nonprofit organization that promotes biogas as an alternative energy resource recently honored American Organic Energy (AOE) CEO and ABC member Charles Vigliotti with its 2018 Global Game Changer Award. The Swedish Biogas Academy (Biogasakademin) credited Vigliotti, also the CEO of Long Island Compost, for "turning Long Island and New York City into a model for every smart city concept in the world." More>>

Here's how the SE Ohio Public Energy Council could save taxpayer money
Another proposed SOPEC program is one that would hire a company to design, build and operate a biogas facility. The company, ABC member Quasar Energy Group, would transport organic waste from underground septic tanks to a facility at the Athens-Hocking Recycling Center. The waste from the septic tanks would break down into methane, which would produce a large amount of natural gas that could be used for power, Smith said. More>>

Cleveland's convention center is converting food waste to fuel
The Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland has implemented a large-scale food waste recycling system from ABC member Grind2Energy which grinds up the food into a semi-liquid mixture that is stored in a holding tank. Collinwood-based Quasar Energy Group, also an ABC member, then transports the material to its anaerobic digesters, which extract methane to convert the waste into renewable energy (such as electricity, natural gas, or nutrient-rich fertilizer). More>>

Connecticut to phase down value of biomass, landfill gas RECs
On Feb. 8, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection finalized its Comprehensive Energy Strategy, which aims to build an energy system that lowers costs for homeowners and businesses while reducing carbon emissions to help achieve the state's climate change goals. Regarding bioenergy, the CES includes a phase-down of biomass and landfill gas renewable energy credits (RECs) in Class 1 Renewable Portfolio Standard. More>>

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