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Organics may offer most growth potential for creating renewable energy from waste
The waste industry has been creating various forms of energy from waste for decades, however output levels are still smaller than renewable sources such as wind or solar. While growth in the thermal conversion sector may be limited in the coming years, interest in new projects to create energy from landfill gas or anaerobic digestion is high. Spurred by federal incentives for transportation fuel and new state policy regulations, organic material may hold the key to making waste a bigger part of the country's clean energy transformation. [Featuring ABC's Executive Director] More>>

DOE Biorefinery Optimization Workshop Report Says Biogas Most Likely to Generate Revenue, Profitability
Breakout session participants recommended which waste, co-product, and by-product streams could potentially be sold by integrated biorefineries to add revenue streams. Some of the product suggestions include fertilizer inputs that offset petroleum, lignin, or biochar for water purification purposes, and specialty fuels such as lubricants. The group voted [biogas among other waste streams to] have the highest likelihood for being valuable revenue streams and have the highest impact on the biorefinery's profitability. More>>

Downturn in farm economy complicating new Farm Bill efforts
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -- As the elder statesman from an agricultural state, U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts has worked on crafting seven farm bills. But it is with some trepidation that the work begins to draft new legislation amid daunting challenges confronting farmers in the era of President Donald Trump. [The Farm Bill funds many programs biogas systems can use.] More>>

Pentair Announces Acquisition of Union Engineering
ABC Member Pentair plc (NYSE: PNR) announced that it has completed the acquisition of Union Engineering A/S, headquartered in Fredericia, Denmark. Union Engineering specializes in sustainable technologies for capturing, recovering and purification of carbon dioxide. More>>

Pennsylvania utility saves thousands using ABC member's gas collection covers
The municipally-owned Milton Regional Sewer Authority (MRSA) serves many residential customers in Northumberland, PA. It also treats wastewater from ConAgra Foods, the food giant that produces Chef Boyardee, Healthy Choice, Andy Capp, LaChoy and Gulden's Mustard products. The original Milton wastewater treatment plant was upgraded in 1975, and the MRSA recently invested in another plant upgrade dubbed the "Wastewater to Energy (Ww2E)" project. More>>

Trump Reiterates His and The Administration's Support of Renewable Fuels
"Rest assured that your president and this administration values the importance of renewable fuels to America's economy and to our energy independence. As I emphasized throughout my campaign, renewable fuels are essential to America's energy strategy." [Biogas uses the D3/advanced cellulosic and D5/advanced categories in the RFS] See the full letter... More>>

Kim: No penalties for cancelling compost contract (AD project continues)
The Mayor's Office announced last week the contract with Hawaiian Earth Recycling will end June 30 because of concerns about cost and scope. A request for proposals for a new mulching contract will be drafted. More>>

Fuelling Solid Waste Fleets with Renewable Natural Gas
With the transportation sector contributing the largest portion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada, renewable natural gas (RNG) from food waste and organic material is the next game-changer in vehicle fueling and the biggest opportunity for near-term, cost-neutral sustainability. (Featuring ABC Member Jennifer Green from the Canadian Biogas Association) More>>

JOB OPENING- Lead Engineer at quasar energy group
The Director of Engineering is responsible for designing and implementing anaerobic digester (AD) systems. The Director of Engineering plans and directs all specialized engineers on specific projects and oversees AD construction and testing in order to ensure completion of projects as efficiently and effectively as possible. More>>

Editorial: Double Down On The Upside
[BioCycle Magazine] Last December during a staff meeting, we got into a discussion about the importance of this Editorial page in BioCycle always conveying optimism about organics recycling and our mission, now 58-years old, to conserve natural resources and build healthy soils. BioCycle's founding publisher and editor, Jerome Goldstein, was an eternal optimist whose passion, vision and grit inspired many -- including our staff -- to stay on the expansive path to a truly sustainable planet that cherishes and preserves its natural resources, no matter the odds. More>>

Ohio Transportation Budget Proposal Would Create Immediate CNG Road Tax– Approach Would Damage Fleets and CNG Industry
The Ohio Transportation budget (HB 26) proposed by Governor Kasich currently has a provision that would create a $0.28/gallon road tax for CNG. If passed, the CNG tax proposal would go into effect immediately. As currently written, there is no phase in for the tax. More>>

Pleasanton to Host Event on New Recycling Laws for Businesses
The recycling event on Feb. 23 will explain new county rules regarding the recycling of green waste material.As of January 1, 2017, all City of Pleasanton businesses must comply with new county rules regarding the recycling of green waste material. Phase 2 of the Mandatory Recycling Ordinance now requires all businesses and institutions (regardless of garbage service volume) to: More>>

QED Environmental Systems launches new fixed gas analyzer
Manufacturer of environmental pumping systems, QED Environmental Systems, has announced the release of the LANDTEC BIOGAS 3000 Fixed Gas Analyzer. More>>

The Compost King of New York
(One of the best biogas and compost features we've ever read) What happens to food scraps after the city takes them? Soon a large fraction will wind up on Long Island, where ABC Member Charles Vigliotti hopes to turn them into profit. More>>

Food Waste Collection Truck Innovations
[BioCycle Magazine] Manufacturers are responding to the increased demand for vehicles that can service commercial and residential source separated organics collection. More>>

2017 Energy Factbook by @BCSECleanEnergy & @BloombergNEF shows no new WTE funding and slow growth for biogas projects (AD and landfill gas)
Overall, biomass, biogas and WTE generated 63 TwH of energy in 2016. That category grew by 132 MW in 2016, though WTE didn't contribute to that growth. By comparison, England built five new WTE facilities with a combined 180 MW of energy capacity and 70 MW of steam capacity in 2015. More>>

Dane County, Wis., Eyeing LFGTE System Upgrade
ABC Member Wisconsin's Dane County has made electricity from waste for the local utility for decades, but may soon shift to a new plan -- new to Dane and novel for the disposal niche at large. The county board is considering an $18 million upgrade to produce pipeline quality gas for the grid. More>>

Maryland considers bill to require study of organics processing infrastructure
As written, the bill would require MDE to study existing organic waste diversion operations in the state, in consultation with other agencies and industry stakeholders. This would include looking at programs in other states, reviewing waste reduction strategies, considering a refuse fee to fund a grant program and considering processing options ranging from small-scale decentralized composting sites to large-scale AD facilities. More>>

SoCalGas and CR&R Environmental Announce Construction of Pipeline to Provide Carbon-Neutral Renewable Natural Gas
Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and waste management company and ABC Member CR&R Environmental today announced they broke ground on construction of an eight-inch pipeline that will bring carbon-neutral renewable natural gas into the SoCalGas distribution system for the first time. The connecting pipeline, funded by CR&R Environmental, will reach approximately 1.4 miles from an existing SoCalGas pipeline to a new CR&R anaerobic digestion facility in Perris, California slated to be complete this spring. Renewable natural gas from the digestion facility will be designated specifically to power CR&R's fleet of approximately 900 waste hauling trucks. More>>

quasar's Corporate Headquarters Has Moved!
ABC member quasar energy group has a new address: 8600 East Pleasant Valley Road Cleveland, OH 44131 More>>

New York may be the next state to pass a commercial organics law
New York could soon become one of the largest states to enact a commercial organics recycling requirement, which businesses would have about four years to meet. After much discussion and previous attempts to pass legislation, Governor Andrew Cuomo has included the plan in his proposed executive budget for FY18. If this survives the budget process then New York would join California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island as one of the few states with some form of organic waste diversion requirement. More>>

DuPont Industrial Biosciences Awarded Grant for High-Efficiency Biogas Enzyme Production
DuPont Industrial Biosciences has been awarded a grant from the European Commission to demonstrate high-efficiency enzyme production to increase biogas yields as part of the DEMETER project, funded from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program. Enzyme technology has been proven to improve biogas yields and process robustness, ultimately increasing customers' revenue and profitability while increasing offerings in renewable energy. More>>

Info on Biogas Project Now on Kewaunee County (WI) Website
The WI Governor's announcement on November 17, 2016 has prompted many questions about a proposed biogas facility that would be funded in part by a Public Service Commission grant. Three state agencies collaborated to formulate the proposed facility. Since it is likely, but not guaranteed that the project would be located in Kewaunee County, WI, the county board is providing a web page to disseminate all information that would help to have a better understanding of the project. More>>

Piedmont Natural Gas inks agreement to connect Duke to swine-gas project
Piedmont Natural Gas has reached an interconnection agreement with ABC Member Optima KV for construction of natural gas lines that would put swine-waste gas on Piedmont's system for use by Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) at two of its plants. More>>

Argonne NL Technology Converts Wastewater Sludge to Renewable Natural Gas
ABC Member Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) has developed technology that synergistically uses two waste biomass streams to generate two bioproducts. The technology enhances the process of anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge by incorporating biomass-derived, carbon-sequestering char within the digester, thus creating pipeline-quality renewable natural gas while using the remaining biosolids for a high-quality fertilizer. More>>

Biggest high performance membrane biogas upgrading plant in the world
Pigs producing power!North Carolina is going to have one of the largest renewable gas facility in the nation. It will produce natural gas out of swine waste and agricultural waste streams. This carbon neutral facility with DMT Clear Gas Solutions' technology inside, is going to push North Carolina past the swine waste to energy goal. More>>

OK Pork Processor to Upgrade Biogas Use from Biolers to Pipeline with New BIOFerm System
High Plains Bioenergy (HPB), Shawnee Mission, Kansas, a subsidiary of Shawnee Mission, Kansas-based Seaboard Foods, recently announced plans to upgrade its anaerobic digestion-derived biogas to renewable natural gas using an Essen, Germany-based Carbotech pressure swing adsorption system from Bioferm Energy Systems/Viessmann Group, Madison, Wisconsin. More>>

Anaerobic Digestion Provides Environmental Benefits
The concept of anaerobic digestion is capturing the attention of more and more recycling companies as the industry learns about the inherent benefits that anaerobic digestion offers the environment, while providing another revenue generating option within the recycling industry. More>>

A Message to Farmers From WI Ag Secretary Ben Brancel
Recently, Governor Walker in an effort to address water quality asked the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and the Department of Natural Resources to step up - think big - and draft a Request for Proposal that will bring together business consortiums and farmers interested in utilizing anaerobic digester technology to build, operate and maintain a system to treat manure from dairy farms to produce renewable energy in the form of biogas and incorporate a system for treating wastewater that will capture nutrients and reduce pathogens. More>>

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