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Metro (Oregon) narrows down list of processers to firms proposing to build in Portland and Wilsonville
The Portland area is in line to get its first plant that recycles food scraps by converts it into energy, either in the city of Portland or in Wilsonville. Metro, which received seven proposals this summer to build such a plant, has narrowed the contenders down to two: Waste Management of Oregon Inc. and SORT Bioenergy LLC, according to Ken Ray, Metro spokesman for solid waste matters. More>>

American Biogas Council Announces Shortlist for 2017 Biogas Industry Awards
Today, the American Biogas Council (ABC) released the names of the finalists for the 2017 Biogas Industry Awards. The final awardees will be unveiled at a special dinner on October 17 at the ABC's fifth annual conference at BioCycle REFOR17, October 16-19 in Portland, Oregon. This year's finalists represent biogas projects and innovations that are both exceptional individually and also examples for replication in future biogas projects. More>>

Monogram's new bioenergy project helps both the company and Martinsville
A local company has been recognized for its efforts to improve the environment. Monogram Snacks in the Patriot Centre industrial park has been named a 2017 finalist for "Project of the Year" by the American Biogas Council. Biogas is a type of fuel generated from decomposing organic waste, such as that produced by food products manufacturers. More>>

Trident Processes Inc. Receives Prestigious 2018 Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Business
ABC member Trident Processes has received the prestigious Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Businesses for 2018. This award is given annually to 25 private businesses across Canada. Trident has commercialized a unique process for recovering and repurposing valuable resources from livestock manure and municipal wastewater. Its technologies recover nutrients and other resources which is a growing focus of agricutural, municipal and industrial wastewater industries. More>>

Pruitt commits to strong RFS, maintaining the point of obligation
[ABC note: This is a good signal, but not yet cause for celebration. Let's see what the final rule says.] On Oct. 19, U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt sent a letter to seven senators indicating the agency is expected to set final 2018 Renewable Fuel Standard blending obligations at or above proposed levels. Pruitt also said the EPA will issue a final rule maintaining the current point of obligation within 30 days. More>>

DMT Upgrades Biogas to RNG in Hawaii
DMT Clear Gas Solutions is going to supply the biogas upgrading technology for the waste water treatment plant on Hawaii. 2.8% of the gas used in Hawaii will now come from a renewable source and is upgraded using DMT Clear Gas Solutions Upgrading technology. This project is equivalent to reducing the need for nearly 15,000 barrels of oil and reducing greenhouse gases produced by 400 cars annually. More>>

U.S. Forest Service, Biomass Power Association Mark Fifth Annual Bioenergy Day with Record Participation
In honor of the Fifth Annual Bioenergy Day, 60 organizations across the United States and Canada are participating in events today to recognize the economic and environmental benefits of using organic materials (also known as biomass) to produce heat, power and fuels. More>>

Native American Leaders Meet In Milwaukee, Push For Climate Action
Frustrated by the lack of action at the federal level, Jodi Gillette, former senior policy advisor for Native American Affairs in the Obama administration, said some tribes aren't waiting for Washington. One example being the low-carbon energy generation by the Forest County Potawatomi, an ABC member. "They have 30 kilowatts of solar on top of their tribal building. They're adding 5 megawatts of power to power their casino. And they're piping in the biogas generation plant heat back into their water system to do their laundry," Gillette told the convention Tuesday. More>>

New cogeneration event to debut in the US
The Cogeneration Channel today announced that the first conference ever in the United States dedicated entirely to cogeneration will take place in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on November 2. Attendees include users of natural gas, biogas, and special gas industries, as well as energy advisors, policymakers, opinion makers, energy associations, engineering firms, energy investing funds, and energy utilities. [Executive Director, Patrick Serfass will be speaking in the opening session] More>>

First US Biomethanation Reactor System for Power-to-Gas Testing Installed in Colorado
Researchers at NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) partnered with Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) to install a novel bioreactor system designed to test power-to-gas technology at the facility in Golden, Colorado.. The 25-foot tall bioreactor system installed at the site is the first of its kind in the United States. It will be used to produce renewable natural gas from excess renewable electricity using microorganisms that consume hydrogen and carbon dioxide and emit methane. More>>

FERC Won't Slow Fast-Track Review of DOE's Proposal to Help Coal, Nuclear
The biggest potential change to energy markets in decades will move ahead on a 60-day timeline, despite protests by every energy sector except coal and nuclear...This drew an immediate legal response from an unprecedented coalition of 14 industry trade groups...including the Advanced Energy Economy, the American Biogas Council, the American Council on Renewable Energy, the American Petroleum Institute, the American Public Power Association, the American Wind Energy Association, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, the Electric Power Supply Association, the Electricity Consumers Resource Council, the Energy Storage Association, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the Natural Gas Supply Association, and the Solar Energy Industries Association. More>>

The State Of Organics Recycling In The U.S.
BioCycle asked states to complete an organics recycling "Snapshot Survey" to collect most recent data on composting, anaerobic digestion and quantities of organics diverted. The full 2017 State Of Organics Recycling In The U.S. report, available at BioCycle.net, includes state-by-state data, and an analysis of organics recycling trends based on the survey findings. As discussed in this month's Editorial, “Digging For Data,” our analysis highlights the importance of creating and utilizing a standard set of definitions when requesting data. More>>

103 Anaerobic Digestion plants approved in Northern Ireland as AD sector booms
Northern Ireland's Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sector is set to rocket within the next half decade. A government official who deals with the processing of applications revealed there are currently 103 AD sites either in construction or already approved in the region. The figure is more than double the total currently used for anaerobic digestion in Northern Ireland, Keith Finegan from Northern Ireland Environment Agency's Natural Environment Division explained at an AD conference in Belfast. More>>

The Energy 202: Rick Perry manages to unite oil, gas, wind and solar -- against him
[Washington Post] As he did nearly a year ago to win the presidency, Donald Trump has done the seemingly impossible and brought together disparate coalitions of unlikely interests. This week, it happened again when Trump managed to unite an unlikely band of fossil-fuel and renewable-energy advocates. These 14 energy associations, [including the ABC], are working together. Together, that is, against the Trump administration's latest energy policy directive. More>>

Klobuchar, Grassley Lead Bipartisan Group of Senators in Calling for a Strong Renewable Fuel Standard for 2018 as EPA Finalizes Rule
The current 2018 proposed rule would represent a step backwards for advanced biofuels, resulting in less renewable fuels being blended than in 2017; The rule unjustifiably flatlines biomass-based diesel, reduces advanced biofuels, and reduces the cellulosic biofuel blending target by about 25 percent. In a letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, the senators urged the continued implementation of the RFS as intended by Congress and the release of a strong final rule that would give consumers more choices at the pump, strengthen the economy, and make the country more secure. More>>

Grassley to Meet with Pruitt On RFS
After Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, caught wind of a set of proposals to alter the Renewable Fuel Standard, he contacted President Donald Trump. Following a telephone conversation with the president, Grassley told agriculture journalists on Wednesday he was "very satisfied" with Trump's position on biofuels. More>>

Wartsila to acquire Puregas Solutions
The technology group Wartsila has reached an agreement to acquire ABC member Puregas Solutions, the Sweden based provider of turnkey biogas upgrading solutions. Puregas is a leading player in its field with subsidiary companies in Germany, Denmark, the U.K., and the USA. The company utilises a unique CApure process to convert raw biogas to biomethane and renewable natural gas. The transaction is valued (enterprise value) at SEK 280m (EUR 29m) with an additional maximum sum of SEK 70m (EUR 7.3m) to be paid based on the performance of the business in the coming year. More>>

DSNY publishes proposed rule to expand commercial organics diversion
This decision, backed up by DSNY's determination that adequate processing capacity exists in the region, will affect an estimated 2,000 new businesses. The published rule reiterates plans to cover large restaurants, chain establishments with more than 50 locations in the city, and large retail stores. More>>

Being part of the Resource Revolution
We are pleased to announce that GE's former Water & Process Technologies business (an ABC member) has officially become a part of SUEZ, a group present on five continents and a key player in the sustainable management of resources (water & waste). As a result of this acquisition, a new Business Unit called Water Technologies & Solutions is created within SUEZ, combining its industrial water offering with the former GE water business. An acquisition of this size is a big deal in the industry; it impacts the industry in new, positive ways. More>>

Ontario considering disposal ban on organic waste
"Tinkering isn't working," he said. "This is as revolutionary, I believe, a plan as the original (recycling) blue box when we rolled it out and got everybody excited." Organics should be the next target on the waste frontier, experts say. More>>

R.I. Anaerobic Digester Could be Model for Region
In recent years, smaller digesters have been built in Massachusetts that service a single facility, like a Stop & Shop distribution warehouse in Freetown, Mass. In Dartmouth, Mass., a 12-ton-per-day food scrap to biogas anaerobic digestion facility opened in 2014 at the Crapo Hill Landfill. A single digester, or digesters, intended to serve an entire state or region has yet to materialize. ABC member Blue Sphere Corp., an Israeli-based company, is poised to be the first. More>>

New biogas plant in Marin County turns local trash into energy
A Novato biogas plant is taking locally collected garbage and turning it into electricity for local consumption. Biogas is a renewable fuel, primarily a mixture of methane and carbon, and producing it is much more efficient than solar power. It would take between 64–84 acres of solar arrays to produce the 3.9 megawatts of power the biogas plant is capable of, said Karen Stern, communications manager for ABC member Waste Management in Northern California. More>>

Biofuels Industry Call on Trump Administration to Honor Commitment to RFS and Rural America
WASHINGTON – Following a recent set of proposals by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to weaken the nation's premier renewable fuels law, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), National Farmers Union and 10 prominent biofuel organizations are calling on the administration to honor its commitment to the law, the biofuels industry and to rural America. More>>

National and global leaders discuss the potential of methane gas to solve global problems.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Biogas Council (ABC) and World Biogas Association (WBA) are key advocates for biogas utilization and during Wastecon/ISWA World Congress in Baltimore in late September, key figured from each group made the case for developing biogas projects. More>>

Energy Vision Elects New Board Members, Including a Former NYC First Deputy Mayor, a Climate Mitigation Expert, and a Leading Attorney
Energy Vision, a national non-profit and ABC member championing clean, renewable, petroleum-free transportation fuels, including renewable natural gas made from organic waste, has elected three new board members: former New York City First Deputy Mayor Norman Steisel, economist and climate mitigation project expert Bipasha Chatterjee, and leading international tax lawyer Stephen Land, who is the incoming board chair. More>>

Half of Salem sewage plant to be powered by biogas
The city of Salem, OR is going to build a nearly $10 million biogas cogeneration plant at its wastewater treatment facility to power much of the facility using funding from ABC member Energy Trust of Oregon. The cogeneration operation will reduce the treatment plant's $1 million annual power bill by $300,000. And it will keep about 5,000 metric tons of climate-change inducing carbon out of the air each year. More>>

Blue Sphere signs $66M 'green gas' contract
Charlotte-based ABC member Blue Sphere has signed a contract worth an estimated $65.7 million for the purchase of "green gas" from its proposed Blue Sphere Brabent biogas plant in the Netherlands. Blue Sphere signed the contract this month with GasTerra, a Dutch gas wholesaler. The 12-year contract calls for GasTerra to buy the entire output of the anaerobic digester plant, which Blue Sphere estimates will be about 3,500 cubic meters of [pipeline quality] gas per hour. More>>

New Jersey Sewage Treatment Plant To Trade Effluent for Energy
Camden County, located in the southwestern part of the state, treats 58 million gallons of sewage daily at their plant for a population of about half a million. The deal with ABC member Covanta is part of a larger plan to get the sewage treatment facility off the power grid. In addition to solar panels that have already been installed, the county plans to add $30 million biogas digesters, the Courier-Post reported. More>>

Ductor Corporation strenghtens it's international organization
Ductor, a biotechnological cleantech company and ABC member based in Helsinki, is strengthening the organization abroad. Ms. Jennifer Barber has been appointed as International Market Coordinator of Ductor, effective October 1, 2017. More>>

Transforming Organic Waste Into Fertilizer & Clean Energy
Each year, the United States discards up to 60 million tons of produce, according to a recent estimate. Businesses in New York City alone send about 650,000 tons of food waste annually to nearby landfills -- a staggering and extraordinary amount of organic material that the city is aggressively trying to manage. Large cities, such as New York, are recognizing the problem and taking action. More>>

Farms Make Better than Expected Progress in Reducing Runoff
Phosphorus from farms, roads and other paved areas, stream bank erosion and the natural landscape is carried in water runoff into Lake Champlain, where excess levels cause blooms of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae. The bacteria can be toxic to humans and animals...Instead of a 1,500-pound reduction in phosphorus between 2015 and 2016, however, farmers in the St. Albans Bay watershed reduced their phosphorus pollution by about 3,000 pounds, exceeding the federal goals. More>>

EPA: 20.4 million cellulosic RINs generated in August
More than 20.11 million D3 cellulosic biofuel RINs were generated in August, bringing the net total for the first eight months of the year to 135.24 million. So far this year, 4.78 million D3 RINs have been generated for ethanol, with 82.12 million generated for renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) and 48.37 million for renewable liquefied natural gas (LNG). More than 118.43 million D3 RIN have been generated domestically, with 16.84 million generated by importers. More>>

UK Biogas Association (ADBA) Best Practice Scheme update - pilot completed
The pilot of the Best Practice Scheme has now been completed, which means that we are on track to open the scheme to applicants autumn/winter 2017. We were pleased to have a number of operators volunteering to take part, showing us that there is a good amount of interest in being involved. More>>

Betting all one’s chips on biogas
Faced with waste from two operations — the farm and the chip factory — Heppell's was in search of something that was better than allowing discard potatoes to rot in the field and reject chips to be sent to the landfill. That something was the acquisition of Fraser Valley Biogas, a start-up biomethane plant in nearby Abbotsford. More>>

3 new projects show growing interest in generating value from LFG
ABC member Waste Management recently celebrated the opening of a new $14.5 million landfill gas-to-energy project at its Redwood Landfill in Novato, CA. Managed by not-for-profit utility provider MCE, this 3.9 MW facility will produce consistent energy for more than 5,000 households. More>>

Hennepin County Wraps Up 'Zero Waste Challenge' Pilot Program In 35 Homes
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- ABC member Hennepin County is leading the nation when it comes to what some consider extreme recycling -- it just wrapped up a "Zero Waste Challenge" pilot program for waste management. Thirty-five homes took part in the year long program to drastically reduce waste through recycling, composting and other methods. More>>

Running on fumes
In Massachussetts, only a handful of anaerobic digestion plants have sprung up. The leader is Wellesley's Vanguard Renewables, an ABC member, with three plants built already and a fourth one underway in Haverhill. Vanguard chief John Hanselman says future facilities aren't financially feasible because caps on “net metering” credits -- the way you get reimbursed for sending excess power onto the grid -- have been hit yet again throughout much of the state. More>>

Some Democrats See Tax Overhaul as a Path to Taxing Carbon
With a sweeping overhaul of the tax code on the horizon, two Senate Democrats believe this is the moment to broach the third rail of climate change policy: a carbon tax. More>>

Electricity provider partners with waste company in CA biogas plant
Marin County's nonprofit public electricity provider, MCE, and Waste Management are cutting the ribbon this month on a collaborative clean energy project located at Redwood Landfill in Novato. The new plant, a $4.5 million endeavor, uses the methane gas produced by Marin and Sonoma Counties' waste to power two engines that generate 3.9 megawatts of electricity around the clock, providing enough electricity to serve around 5,000 homes. More>>

Hawaii Gas gets OK for wastewater biogas facility in West Oahu
State regulators have approved Hawaii Gas' plan to capture and process biogas from the Honouliuli Wastewater Treatment Plant in West Oahu. The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission signed off on the contract that the City and County of Honolulu awarded to Hawaii Gas in July 2016. More>>

Revamped Fremont biodigester expected to power 2,500 homes annually
The revamped Fremont Regional Digester is expected to divert 165,000 tons of organic waste and produce enough electricity to power 2,500 annually. Closed in 2015 after an initial opening in 2012, the biodigester is under new ownership and management. San Francisco-based ABC member Generate Capital Inc. bought the plant, and invested "substantially" throughout 2017 to resume operations. More>>

Manure Spreading Could Be Prohibited On Some Wisconsin Soils
A draft rule released in July by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) could limit and even eliminate the spreading of manure on some vulnerable soils in 15 eastern Wisconsin counties. More>>

Puregas Solutions Unveils Guide to RNG
ABC member Puregas Solutions has created a new tool to better understand RNG production and their company's suite of offerings. More>>

3 experts, 3 methods: The debate over food waste processing
We have a handful of processing options for recycling food waste, including anaerobic digestion, composting and incorporation at wastewater treatment facilities -- but which method is the most effective? Not all experts share the same opinions, therefore Waste Dive reached out three industry professionals to hear their arguments for the best food waste processing methods. (Spoiler: we need all of them!) More>>

360 Video on Biogas at a Wastewater Treatment Facility
Across the U.S., energy users of all sizes are taking control of their power supply and relieving stress from the grid. That's the idea behind distributed energy. Atlantic Re:think and Siemens partnered to explore this burgeoning energy revolution in 360degree video. More>>

VT Public Utility Commission approves renewable natural gas program for Vermont Gas customers
Montpelier, VT -- September 6,2017 – Today the Vermont Public Utility Commission ("PUC") approved a Renewable Natural Gas ("RNG") program for ABC member Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. ("VGS"). In its order, the PUC wrote that the RNG program "represents a meaningful first step in encouraging customer interest in purchasing RNG at retaiI, thereby stimulating supply of RNG into the market." It emphasized "the importance of the successful implementation of the RNG program in helping to meet the State's renewable energy policy objectives." More>>

Cape May County (NJ) Creates Biogas-fueled Microgrid
The proposed microgrid in Cape May County would utilize a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system fueled by syngas/biogas produced at the county's Municipal Utilities Authority Seven Mile Beach/Middle Wastewater Treatment Facility to generate electrical and thermal energy for numerous critical public facilities in the Crest Haven Complex. More>>

Fuel Blending: Maximizing Benefits for Biogas Operations
As an organic process, biogas production is inherently variable, dependent not only on feedstock, but also on ambient conditions such as temperature. For energy asset owners who want to deliver dependable heat and power in commercial or industrial energy supply applications, this inherent variability potentially represents a significant challenge. One solution for spark ignition reciprocating engines is fuel blending, which effectively supplements and precisely matches the variations in biogas availability with additional natural gas. Maintaining a constant output from the engine, irrespective of variations in biogas availability, ensures consistent energy supply even if biogas production falls to zero. More>>

Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process installed at TX wastewater treatment facility
Trinity River Authority of Texas's (TRA's) Phase III-B Solids Management Improvement Project is only the third in the United States to install the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process (CambiTHP) by ABC member Cambi at its wastewater treatment facility. Utilization of this process will enable CRWS to produce higher quality biosolids, capture and treat odors more effectively, and maximize biogas utilization and energy recovery to produce heat, steam and energy. MWHC brings particular expertise in the design, construction, and commissioning and start-up of CambiTHP systems. Out of 50 CambiTHP systems currently installed worldwide, MWH Constructors has provided services on more than 20. More>>

Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process installed at TX wastewater treatment facility
Trinity River Authority of Texas's (TRA's) Phase III-B Solids Management Improvement Project is only the third in the United States to install the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process (CambiTHP) by ABC member Cambi at its wastewater treatment facility. Utilization of this process will enable CRWS to produce higher quality biosolids, capture and treat odors more effectively, and maximize biogas utilization and energy recovery to produce heat, steam and energy. MWHC brings particular expertise in the design, construction, and commissioning and start-up of CambiTHP systems. Out of 50 CambiTHP systems currently installed worldwide, MWH Constructors has provided services on more than 20. More>>

Everything but the InSinkErator
Garbage disposals could pave the way for a zero-waste future if we can get over our fear of clogs. What's more, if the city came together and installed garbage disposals in Nelson's and every other New Yorker's apartment, the city could meet its stated goal of zero waste by 2030 and create plenty of renewable energy in the process. Or at least that's the belief of Kendall Christiansen, a stalwart in New York City's vibrant trash management community, ABC member and environmental consultant for another ABC member, InSinkErator. More>>

DMT to supply desulfurization process to California AD facility
ABC Member DMT Clear Gas Solutions recently announced that Calgren Dairy Fuels LLC is going to install DMT's desulfurization technology, Sulfurex BR. The anaerobic digestion (AD) facility is located adjacent to Calgren Renewable Fuels LLC, a 55 MMgy ethanol plant located in Pixley, California. The AD facility provides heat and power to the ethanol plant. More>>

Ibex Investors Llc Acquired Stake in Blue Sphere Corp
ABC member Blue Sphere Corporation is an international independent power producer. The Company focuses on developing or acquiring projects with clean energy technologies, including waste-to-energy facilities that generate clean energy, such as electricity, natural gas, heat, soil amendment and other by-products. More>>

Organic waste recycling expanding in the Bronx, Queens
Bronx and Queens residents will soon have another recycling bin to set out. NYC Organics, the city's food scrap and yard waste recycling program, is expanding to more neighborhoods in the two boroughs, the Department of Sanitation announced this week. More>>

Craig Frear of Regenis discusses the new fine solids separator at Edaleen's
Regenis's Director of Research and Technology adn ABC Director, Craig Frear was on KGMI talk and news radio to discuss the new phosphorous recovery system at Edaleen Dairy in Lynden. This fine solids separation system removes solids in manure wastewater by causing the solids to float to the surface where they can be skimmed off, dewatered, and stored. More>>

Regenis Installs Fine Solids Separation System In Western Washington
Washington State's watersheds scored a win this week as agricultural waste company and ABC member, Regenis, installed the first phosphorous recovery system west of the Cascades at Edaleen Dairy in Lynden. More>>

Today is the last day for you to submit your EPA RFS letter: We wrote it for you
We're not happy that the administration proposed lowering the fuel volumes for biogas in the Renewable Fuel Standard for next year. And they did so while ALSO proposing a change to how they count how much biogas will be produced. They're suggesting using backwards looking data for this forward-looking program. It just doesn't make sense and will slow growth in the biogas industry. If you haven't sent it your own letter to EPA already, send this one right now. The deadline is tomorrow. We already wrote it for you so all you have to do is enter your email and zip code and click send. We have to have our voices heard or the administration will be able to say, "we didn't hear too many complaints from the biogas industry so let's move ahead with the proposal." Don't let that happen. Act now! Click here and choose "Make Your Voice Heard on Biogas" More>>

DMT got awarded desulfurization project Calgren
Calgren Dairy Fuels, LLC is going to desulfurize their biogas using the innovative biogas desulfurization technology, SulfurexBR, from ABC member DMT Clear Gas Solutions. For this project, biogas, which is used to make vehicle fuels from renewable feed stocks, roughly contains about 60-70% of methane, 30-40% carbon dioxide and 3000 ppm H2S. In order to meet California's air emissions standards, the H2S needs to be removed from the biogas. The hydrogen sulfide is removed in a two-step process. First step is a caustic absorption and the second step is a biological regeneration of the caustic liquid. The only by-product is the discharged sulfur slurry is about 5% elemental sulfur which can be used as fertilizer enhancement. More>>

Biogas producers urge EPA to reconsider RFS volume requirements
In a letter to U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, executives from the American Biogas Council, the Advanced Biofuels Business Council, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization and the Coalition for Renewable National Gas called on Pruitt to reverse course on a proposal for setting 2018 goals that would, in their estimation, suppress the demand for cellulosic fuels. More>>

Biofuel groups urge EPA to set stronger cellulosic RFS targets
The letter notes that the RFS drove a manufacturing boom across America's heartland over the past decade, during one of the most challenging global recessions in history. In the letter, the biofuel groups stress that advanced and cellulosic biofuels are poised to drive the next manufacturing wave, but the ability to achieve success will depend largely on careful administration of the RFS. More>>

Encina Wastewater Launches Program to Turn Food Waste into Energy
Encina Wastewater Authority and Waste Management in North County announced Monday the launch of a 90-day co-digestion pilot aimed at turning food waste into renewable energy. The technology, known as CORe by ABC member Waste Management, will recycles pre- and post-consumer food wastes into an organic slurry that can be used as a high-quality organic feedstock for co-digestion in municipal anaerobic digesters. More>>

Don't Change Horses in the Middle of the River
[Rebuttal from ABC allied organization: BIO] We were disappointed, but not surprised, to see Mike McAdams and his [Advanced Biofuels Association] members come out in support of changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard in Biofuels Digest. Unfortunately, McAdams' op-ed incorrectly claims that because the first generation of biofuels have come online ahead of second generation biofuels, the RFS is irreparably damaged and needs legislative reforms. This denies all the realities the biofuels industry has dealt with in the last ten years and More>>

Biofuel and Biogas Innovators Unite for Stronger Cellulosic Targets
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a display of unity, the nation's leading advocates for advanced liquid and gasified biofuels today urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stand by the president's commitment to drive investment in the next generation of homegrown fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). More>>

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