American Biogas Council

Welcome New Member: Plastic Fusion Fabricators, Inc.!
Plastic Fusion Fabricators is a pioneer in the fabrication and installation of custom thermoplastic containment systems. We are a leader in the installation of containment systems for landfills, waste water treatment plants, industrial facilities, and anaerobic digesters and biogas collection systems. Our state-of-the-art production facility and experienced employees deliver unmatched product quality and superior service. From design and fabrication to installation and field services, Plastic Fusion is your complete, trusted source for innovative thermoplastic containment solutions. More>>

Air Liquide's 2018 results show key role for biogas
International industrial gas and services provider, Air Liquide has released its 2018 financial results. The company highlights the development of its biomethane sector in the 2018 report, with five new production units being developed. The units were located in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. Air Liquide also developed new biomethane investment decisions in Northern Europe and in the United States during 2018. Air Liquide's Global Markets & Technologies sales were up 29.6% in 2018 at 474 million Euros. The company attributes this growth to biogas activity. More>>

Minnesota Debates Promoting RNG, While SoCalGas Increases Supply
A proposed utility program in Minnesota that would let customers choose to pay a premium for renewable natural gas (RNG) has stirred up debate among renewable energy and climate change advocates seeking to phase out all fossil fuels. Since CenterPoint Energy's Minnesota utility proposed a voluntary RNG offering on a "green tariff" pilot program to test consumer and small business interest, state officials and clean energy advocates have pushed back, arguing there are better ways to cut carbon emissions. More>>

Welcome New Member: Northern Biogas!
Northern Biogas is a single-source provider of anaerobic digesters and power generation systems. We design, install, and operate anaerobic digestion systems. Our design-build concept provides a customized solution for our clients. The Northern Biogas philosophy is to provide a safe, reliable, and affordable anaerobic digester system that manages waste and odor while providing economic value to our client and the community. More>>

Biogas could become part of utilities supply in Nevada
Natural gas utilities in Nevada could draw supply from renewable energy sources such as biogas under a measure introduced Wednesday in the Nevada Senate. Under Senate Bill 154, the state Public Utilities Commission would draw up new rules and procedures for utilities to engage in renewable natural gas activities, such as investing in or operating a production facility, or buying and distributing biogas or energy generated from it. More>>

Job Openings: Five full time positions in Portland, OR area with DMT
Director of Sales; Admin Assistant; Accounts Payable Specialist; Project Manager; Senior Process Engineer. You are on the verge of applying at one of the fastest growing companies in the cleantech industry and being part of that growth. You will work in a varied, dynamic and inspiring environment! Our greatest asset is our team of enthusiastic colleagues who want to improve themselves continuously. More>>

DSNY Begins Enforcement of Expanded Organic Waste Source Separation Requirements
Some larger restaurants, chain restaurants and grocery stores are now required to separate their food waste from their trash: Restaurants with a floor area of at least 15,000 square feet; Chain restaurants with 100 or more locations in the city that operate under common ownership or control, are individually franchised outlets of a parent business or do business under the same corporate name; and Food retailers (grocery stores) with a floor area space of at least 25,000 square feet. More>>

Welcome New Member: Blue Delta Energy, LLC!
Blue Delta Energy provides our clients with information and access to environmental commodity markets as well as regulatory and legislative support. As a partner, we bring renewable energy projects to the marketplace and work with clients to accomplish their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals. Every day we engage in the clean energy, energy efficiency and carbon offset markets. From renewable energy project owners to energy funds and global corporations, Blue Delta's clients receive customized solutions for asset optimization, carbon reduction and the creation of environmental attributes. More>>

USDA increases net farm income projections for next decade
The Department of Agriculture is projecting a more optimistic view of the farm economy than it did a year ago. In tables released Thursday, USDA projects 2019 net farm income at $77.6 billion, a $14 billion increase from the projections made last year. The upward swing comes as USDA projects an increase in 2019 cash receipts -- $375.8 billion in this year's report, rising $11 billion from last year -- and a drop in cash expenses -- $322.3 billion, a $3 billion drop from last year's projections. Direct government payment projections for 2019 rose $1.2 billion to $10.2 billion. More>>

Rahm Emanuel Calls For 100% Renewable Electricity In Chicago
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has released "Resilient Chicago," a roadmap for addressing the city's most pressing challenges through the lens of urban resilience. As the first action in implementing the roadmap, Emanuel has joined the Sierra Club to announce Chicago's bold goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy in buildings community-wide by 2035 and to an electric Chicago Transit Authority bus fleet by 2040. More>>

RFS Power Coalition Applauds Passage of Interior Appropriations Bill
The RFS Power Coalition today applauded H.J. Res. 31, the spending bill passed by both the House and the Senate. The committee report of the Interior-EPA portion of the spending package includes a provision that "strongly encourages" the EPA to process within 90 days the backlog of applications that electricity producers have submitted to the agency to participate in the Renewable Fuel Standard. When the EPA processes these applications, electricity producers will be able to generate RINs, also known as electric RINs or eRINs, which will catalyze investment and job creation in the biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy sectors. The bill now goes to the White House for signing by President Trump. More>>

Waste Management going on sustainability 'offensive,' buying more landfills
"At this time last year, I was telling you that 2017 was arguably the best year we've seen. I'm pleased to report that 2018 results were even better," said Waste Management CEO Jim Fish during the company's fourth quarter earnings call. Operating EBITDA (described as the company's preferred metric) grew by more than 5% to $4.27 billion -- "in spite of the strongest recycling headwinds we've seen in over a decade" -- and organic revenue growth in the company's collection and disposal business was up 5.8% during Q4. All of these driving forces portend another seemingly profitable, and increasingly complex, year ahead. More>>

Renewable Natural Gas Now Flowing into SoCalGas Pipelines from Calgren Dairy Digester Pipeline Cluster
Southern California Gas Co. and biogas producer Calgren Dairy Fuels today announced that renewable natural gas produced with biogas upgrading equipment from ABC member DMT at Calgren's dairy digester facility in Pixley, California is being injected into SoCalGas pipelines. The project marks the first time that carbon-negative renewable natural gas produced from cow manure has been injected directly into SoCalGas' natural gas system. In August 2018, SoCalGas began receiving renewable natural gas into its system from ABC member CR&R, Inc.'s anaerobic digestion facility in Perris, California. The renewable natural gas from that digestion facility is already being used to fuel about 400 waste hauling trucks. More>>

Welcome New Member: BCCY Environmental Energy Co.!
BCCY Environmental Engineering's main business covers landfill biogas power generation, carbon emissions trading, ecological restoration and other renewable energy development and utilization of landfill site. We can meet customer needs in solid waste treatment, resource recovery and environmental management. We own more than 40 developed emission reduction projects such as CDM project, gold VER project and CCER project. We are actively seeking biogas investment and partnership opportunities in North America. More>>

New Power Coalition Seeks Role for Electricity Producers in RFS Program
Efforts are underway to correct what is, at best, an oversight that has left a wide range of renewable energy generation out of the regulatory purview of the nation's Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). By not including qualifying renewable electricity as eligible under the RFS as a fuel for electric vehicles (EVs), those who generate these alternative sources are losing market opportunities and policy makers are failing to take the steps needed as EV sales grow. More>>

2019 Sustainable Energy Factbook features new biomass/biogas data
Each year, the ABC works with the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance to include data on the biogas industry in the Sustainable Energy Factbook that covers all of renewable energy, natural gas and energy efficiency. It's a work in progress and this year, the main infographic features biogas industry growth: "There were 2,240 operational biogas systems in the U.S. in 2018, with $316 MILLION OF NEW investment in biogas systems that year." Please use and share it. More>>

Power Sector More Efficient Even As Overall Emissions Rose in 2018
The electricity sector continued to improve its carbon intensity in 2018 due to increased renewable energy and natural gas power generation and investments in energy efficiency, even as a stronger economy and volatile weather boosted energy demand and contributed to a rise in economy-wide carbon dioxide emissions. Consumers experienced near record low energy costs on a household basis and the number of energy jobs grew. Meanwhile, greater corporate purchasing of renewables, state policies and plunging prices for energy storage continued to reshape the nation's energy portfolio. These and other energy trends are highlighted in the 2019 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook published by BloombergNEF and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy. More>>

Republic Services Broadens RNG Commitment
A growing number of Republic Services Inc.'s natural gas-powered vehicles will use increasing amounts of Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG) from ABC member Clean Energy across 21 states over the next five years. According to Clean Energy, the new agreement with the waste and recycling company represents the widest geographic usage of Redeem RNG in North America. More>>

How to Improve Energy Management of Your Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility
One particular circular economy solution is anaerobic digestion. Municipal wastewater facilities process large amounts of water, making them ideal candidates for the technology. Adding food waste can produce significant amounts of additional natural gas. At some facilities, for instance, fats, oils and greases are trucked to the plants from local food service establishments. The biogas produced can be used to supply onsite boilers, generate electricity, or sold to the pipelines. Excess energy can be fed back into the local electrical grid providing a source of revenue for the municipality. More>>

Organization transforms trash into fuel using Utah's first food waste digester
A renewable biomethane power plant built in Utah is expected to produce enough power to fuel a city the size of Bountiful in the coming years. The facility, built by Wasatch Resource Recovery, and using biogas upgrading equipment from ABC member DMT Clear Gas Solutions, will be able to successfully capture renewable energy from food waste in order to produce natural gas...According to a Wasatch Resource Recovery press release, that could mean the equivalent of taking more than 75,000 cars off the highway annually. More>>

Dominion aims to cut U.S. methane releases by 50 percent by 2030
Dominion Energy Inc said on Tuesday it plans to cut the amount of methane escaping from its natural gas wells, pipelines and other infrastructure by 50 percent over the next decade as part of its effort to combat global warming. More>>

NC regulators clear poultry-waste plant in Charlotte region for pilot program
State regulators say a $15 million poultry-waste biogas plant planned for Anson County can participate in an alternative-gas pilot program, clearing the way for Catawba Biogas to build the plant and inject the gas into the pipelines of Piedmont Natural Gas. Catawba Biogas plans to sell at least some of the gas to Duke Energy Corp. (NYSE: DUK), of which Piedmont is a subsidiary, for use as directed biogas at natural gas plants operated by Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress. The company says it "will collect litter and manure from over 250 houses of broiler chickens" in the region and use it to produce the equivalent of about 300 million cubic feet of natural gas a year. More>>

Roberts: Another shutdown would slow farm bill implementation
Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., said that Congress must avoid another federal government shutdown, partly because it would slow down farm bill implementation. "I hope there is not a shutdown," Roberts said at the beginning of his remarks to a Farm Foundation forum on farm bill implementation. More>>

RFS Power Coalition Launches to Secure Role for Electricity Producers in the Renewable Fuel Standard
Three trade associations representing renewable electricity producers today announced the launch of the RFS Power Coalition. The coalition's purpose is to get the EPA to implement a law passed by Congress in 2007 which mandates the inclusion of qualifying renewable electricity in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). More>>

Dingell's Legacy, Renewable Fuel Fight, Green Nuke Deal?
Corn growers and oil companies have tussled over the federal program requiring U.S. transportation fuel to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuels. Now producers of biomass, biogas, and waste energy are joining the fray. More>>

Republican senators push new bill to kill electric vehicle tax credit completely and add new EV tax
A group of Republican senators have introduced a new bill to kill the federal electric vehicle tax credit completely and add a new annual tax for electric vehicles. There have been several efforts introduced over the last year to either handicap, save or even altogether kill the federal tax credit program for electric vehicles. More>>

EPA pushing water quality trading to address nutrients
The Environmental Protection Agency is encouraging states to develop water quality trading programs to tackle nutrient pollution, which has become an increasingly visible issue in farm country. In a memorandum to EPA regional administrators, Assistant Administrator for Water David Ross said the agency wants to move toward more market-based solutions to address excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the nation's waters. The memo follows up on a December letter to states from Ross and USDA Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation Bill Northey seeking input on water quality solutions, and a Memorandum of Understanding released last week between EPA and the Water Research Foundation on affordable technologies to recycle nutrients from livestock manure. More>>

Why vegans should think before they switch on a light: Growing proportion of 'green' electricity comes from processed livestock farm waste
Much of the UK's energy supply does not meet strict vegan standards. Vegan Society found that suppliers are buying power generated in digesters. Advocates insist plants are a green way to deal with waste that would be landfill More>>

Lawmakers want Minnesota's energy to be carbon-free by 2050
Legislators want to make Minnesota the fourth state in the country to set a 100 percent clean energy plan, with the aim of having electricity providers generate all energy from renewable sources by 2050. Dozens of people showed up at the State Capitol on Tuesday to champion or warn against the idea. Religious leaders, youth advocates and environmental organizations said it would benefit future generations and vulnerable populations who they say are disproportionately affected by climate change. They urged the state to push for change in the face of federal inaction. But some electric companies and Republican legislators called the idea an unreliable way to power the state and said a mandate is the wrong approach. More>>

Arizona bioenergy producer urges EPA to process eRIN applications
Novo Power, a 28 MW biomass power plant located in Snowflake, Arizona, is urging the U.S. EPA to quickly process applications to allow biomass power producers to participate in the Renewable Fuel Program. On Jan. 32, Brad Worsley, president and CEO of Novo Power, send a letter to Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler asking him to begin processing applications that would allow biomass power producers to generate e-renewable identification numbers (eRINs) under the RFS. More>>

North Carolina's Alternative Gas Pilot Program Flares Up
[By ABC member Womble Bond Dickinson] North Carolina's nascent biogas industry has witnessed significant progress in recent years. In March 2018, the Optima KV swine waste to renewable natural gas project near Kenansville, North Carolina came online as the first RNG project in the state to inject RNG directly into the existing natural gas transportation system operated by Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. With the success of the Optima KV project, by ABC member Cavanaugh & Associates, other RNG projects are in process and more are sure to follow in light of North Carolina's rich bioenergy resources. More>>

Welcome New Member: Live Oak Bank!
Live Oak Bank is the largest Small Business Administration lender in the U.S., having deployed over $8 billion in the last ten years to underserved industries. We are also the largest USDA Renewable Energy for America Program lender and we have a team dedicated to renewable energy with a specific focus on biogas and biofuels. Our team provides project level debt to developers across the country with qualified waste to energy projects. More>>

EPA Signs MOU with The Water Research Foundation Advancing Nutrient Management Efforts
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Water Research Foundation (WRF) to accelerate progress on reducing excess nutrients in the nation's waterways. The MOU builds on successes achieved through the Nutrient Recycling Challenge, a competition launched by EPA with WRF and others to develop affordable technologies to recycle nutrients from livestock manure. Through the new MOU, EPA and WRF will collaborate with the agricultural community to build capacity and awareness of programs and tools that support watershed and market-based approaches to nutrient management. More>>

Inside Vanguard Renewables, the Northeast's biggest food waste recycler
The company recently opened its latest farm-based anaerobic digester, with more on the way. CEO John Hanselman explains why his business works where others have failed. More>>

Welcome New Member: WorleyParsons!
WorleyParsons helps our customers meet the world's changing resources and energy needs. Our tailored waste to energy solutions reduce costs, increase process efficiencies and create employment opportunities. We provide a wide range of consulting and advisory services, and deep technical expertise across the Power, Hydrocarbons, Minerals, Metals, Chemicals and Infrastructure sectors. Our integrated offerings cover full asset management services and engineering, procurement and construction capability. Our strong New Energy capabilities extend across Waste to Energy, Solar, Wind, Green Hydrogen, Power Networks, Smart Grids, Battery storage and Hydropower. We work across all facets of the Waste to Energy industry, including bio-chemical, thermochemical, and chemical technologies. More>>

Welcome New Member: Viresco AD!
Viresco AD is a biofuels company specializing in advanced anaerobic digestion technology for the conversion of waste into energy. Viresco AD's anaerobic digestion technology combines disruptive biochemical technology with advanced process engineering to enhance bio-digestion. More>>

BioCycle Magazine: Anaerobic Digest
In this month's column: Seattle, Washington: RNG Solicitation; Perris, California: Carbon Intensity Of Biogas To CNG Pathway; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: New AD Pilot Plant; Washington D.C.: Electricity Generation From Renewables And Natural Gas; Varennes, Quebec: Organic Waste To Biogas Plant; Johnston, Rhode Island: Food Waste Digester Plans Winter Opening; and Rialto, California: Large-Scale Food Waste And Biosolids Digester More>>

Deep Dive Into Danish Biogas
In September 2018, a diverse group of 13 professionals from the U.S. biogas sector traveled to Denmark to learn about policies and innovations related to development and operation of biogas systems. The four-day trip (see sidebars for itinerary and U.S. participants) was organized by the Danish Trade Council, and included meetings with policy makers, and tours of biogas plants, associated gas treatment and odor control systems, and food waste preprocessing facilities. More>>

Full Time Position Available: Renewable Energy- Anaerobic Digestion
Martin Construction Resource (MCR), an ABC member, is seeking a Project Manager with electrical and CHP project construction experience. MCR is a unique organization that designs and builds renewable power systems and combined heat and power projects throughout the country and internationally. This posting is specifically for projects located in the Sacramento CA, Oakland CA and Western NY regions. More>>

Will Evolving Drones Shape Future Landfill Operations?
Landfill operators have been putting cameras that capture imagery and data on drones for a few years to, for instance, calculate airspace. But a few innovators are working on a new concept: drone-bound sensors to measure methane and other gases and, in some cases, to do more. More>>

Fast food giants under fire on climate and water usage
The group, with around $6.5 trillion under management, want the chains to cut carbon and water risks in their dairy and meat suppliers. Animal agriculture, they argue, is one of the highest emitting sectors without a low CO2 plan. More>>

Preliminary audit predicts revenue for AWA digester
The company that recently began a preliminary energy savings audit of the Altoona Water Authority's Easterly Sewer Treatment Plant has found the authority should be able to obtain enough high strength food waste to warrant construction of an anaerobic digester. ABC member Energy Systems Group of Lin­th­i­cum Heights, MD, estimates that a digester could generate $2 million per year in savings or additional revenue at a cost of $1.75 million -- including debt service -- for net annual earnings of $250,000. More>>

Anaerobic digesters provide numerous benefits
DVO Inc., a founding ABC member, continues garnering headlines with installations of its patented anaerobic digesters throughout the country and around the globe. But recent accolades and high-profile projects aren't necessarily the company's biggest source of pride. "One of the things we're most proud of is the fact that the first digester we ever built in 2001 is still running today (at Gordondale Farms in Nelsonville), and there are very few people anywhere who can say that," More>>

Minnesota utility wants to offer customers renewable natural gas option
A Minnesota utility's proposal to offer renewable natural gas under a voluntary green tariff pilot program faces opposition from state officials and clean energy advocates who see better ways to decarbonize the economy. If approved by regulators, CenterPoint Energy's proposal would likely be the nation's largest renewable natural gas program. Just one other utility in the country, Vermont Gas Systems, has a renewable natural gas green tariff program. [ABC Note: MRETS disputes some of the facts reported in this story] More>>

Report: Sensors and other tech could reduce food waste by 7%
Applying sensor technology to increase traceability in the food supply chain could reduce food waste by between 5% and 7%, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF). Enhanced food supply chain traceability will make it easier to identify where losses are occurring in order to more quickly address the issues. More>>

Middlebury Announces Energy2028 Plan to Address Threat of Climate Change
Under the plan announced today, Middlebury will shift to use renewable natural gas (RNG) and eliminate the use of natural gas, a fossil fuel, as a supplemental energy source for the biomass plant. RNG is generated using cow manure and processed food waste, and Middlebury is partnering on a proposed digester project in nearby Salisbury, Vermont. More>>

Construction begins on City of Longmont project to convert sewage treatment gas to renewable fuel
Driven by an age where sustainable resources are increasingly important, the City of Longmont has begun construction on its Biogas Treatment and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Fueling Station Project. Once complete, this innovative project will transform sewage gas from the wastewater-treatment process into sustainable fuel for the city's trash trucks. More>>

Optimizing anaerobic digestion in waste food treatment
Removal of water from biogas increases an anaerobic digester plant's overall energy efficiency in waste food treatment facilities.The majority of food waste anaerobic digestion (AD) plants produce electricity (with or without using the heat generated) using combined heat and power (CHP) generation units. When using CHP to create energy from the biogas produced by AD, one area which is often overlooked is ensuring that any water present in the raw biogas is removed. More>>

Modernizing The Design Of Anaerobic Waste Stabilization Ponds To Improve Energy Balances In Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater is being increasingly recognized for the recoverable resources it holds, and opportunities exist to not only reduce the amount of energy required for treatment but also to recover energy in the form of biogas. One treatment process that can provide these benefits is anaerobic stabilization ponds. More>>

US airport to become first solely heated by renewable natural gas
According to Airport World, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is to become the US first airport to be heated entirely by renewable natural gas. More>>

New Washington state bill sets 2030 food waste goal
The newly introduced House Bill 1114 aims to halve food waste in Washington state by 2030, relative to 2015 levels. It is scheduled for an executive session on Thursday in the Committee on Environment & Energy. The bill would require the state's Department of Ecology to "develop and adopt a state wasted food reduction and food waste diversion plan" by October 2020. It does not directly mandate action by specific generators. More>>

Instructors and Curriculum Announced for ABC's Feb West Coast Digester Operator Training
Yesterday, the ABC announced its instructors and the final agenda for February's hands-on digester operator training in the San Francisco Bay area. The training offers 3 days at 3 digesters plus classroom instruction. Topics include the chemistry and math of digestion plus several topics on gas upgrading, engines, coarse/fine solids separation, nutrient separation and more. We're excited to welcome back Bernie Sheff, PE from Montrose Environmental Group and Chairman of the ABC; Dr. Craig Frear of Regenis and ABC Director; and Dan Wainaeo also from Montrose Environmental Group plus three teams of onsite instructors to pump you up with digester operator knowledge in California. More>>

Food waste doesn't have to be expensive: 4 cost-effective recycling strategies
[Opinion by ABC Member Ryan Cooper, Rubicon] In response to the perception that organics collection can be overly expensive, we've assembled a list of key factors to consider for cost-effective food waste diversion strategies. Recycling commercial organics can make business sense. It does, however, threaten traditional municipal solid waste haulers who do not collect source-separated food waste -- while at the same time offering opportunity for those currently engaged in the organics sector. More>>

Burgeoning Biomethane
A transformation is underway in Iowa. Last year, Verbio North America Corp., the U.S. subsidiary of German bioenergy producer Verbio Vereinigte BioEnergie AG, purchased DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol LLC in Nevada, Iowa. The company has plans to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) at the site, but first will need to make some changes to the facility..."To produce RNG, we need to complete a substantial new construction project -- building multiple anaerobic digestion tanks and installing biogas upgrading equipment." Dueweke adds that the company hopes to begin production at the plant in the spring of 2020. More>>

DC passes 'most ambitious' mandate for 100% renewables by 2032
The city council of Washington, D.C. unanimously voted to approve a 100% renewable energy mandate by 2032, which would put the federal district on a faster path than any U.S. state to achieve the ambitious clean energy goal. [ABC has learned that the local gas utility is interested in learning more about RNG to address this new policy.] More>>

Longmont Trash Trucks Switching to RNG Through New Biogas Project
The City of Longmont, Colo., has begun construction on a biogas treatment and renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling station. Once complete later this year, the project will transform sewage gas into sustainable fuel for the city's trash trucks. Longmont will replace 11 of its 16 diesel trash trucks with trucks capable of using RNG fuel. More>>

Governor calls for increasing New Mexico's RPS
In New Mexico, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's state of the state address called for increasing the state RPS to "50 percent renewable energy by 2030 and 80 percent 10 years after that." [Outreach may be needed to make sure the RPS includes renewable biogas.] More>>

Nine Waste and Recycling Predictions for 2019
From composting to construction, from smart city to sustainability, what will 2019 bring? We sat down with leaders from across the Rubicon company and asked them that very question and the result: 9 predictions for 2019: 1. Smart City thinking will have a watershed moment... More>>

Majority of VT residents manage food waste with composting or animals
Related to the recent news that VT is considering revising their organics recycling law, a survey of 583 Vermont households conducted by Meredith Niles at the University of Vermont, found that the majority of respondents (out of a total of 583) currently manage their own food waste through backyard composting or feeding food waste to pets or livestock (72.4% of respondents). For future food waste management strategies, 76 percent of respondents are likely to manage their own food waste through backyard composting to comply with Act 148. [Thanks BioCycle for pointing out this study!] More>>

Local officials heed climate change warnings, but others should, too
Several projects in the Dane County, WI area serve as examples of measures to reduce carbon emissions, the cause of rising temperatures, scientists say. Last week, the Tribune reported on the new biogas production facility at the Dane County landfill. The county has invested in this facility to capture methane gas emitted from the site and render it into compressed natural gas, or CNG, used to fuel cars. Manure digesters can also use the facility, taking the methane produced at their plants to the facility to be utilized in the same way. The hope is others considering investing in digesters will come forward. More>>

Vermont may walk back statewide organics collection requirement
Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) is asking the state legislature to amend a law requiring that service providers offer organics collection to every resident by 2020. Instead, ANR proposes raising the threshold to multi-family buildings with four or more units and maintaining a blanket commercial requirement. More>>

Smithfield Foods Goes Big On Biogas
A commitment to anaerobic digestion on 90 percent of its hog finishing farms in 3 states was followed by formation of a joint venture with Dominion Energy, called Align Renewable Natural Gas. More>>

More Republicans Than You Think Support Action on Climate Change
Democrats and Republicans have clashed fiercely on many issues -- the Mueller investigation, immigration, gun control -- but can the two parties come together on climate change, the biggest issue of all? Most analysts say no...But how many of his fellow Republicans agree? If we compare the extremes in each party -- liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans -- as the media often does, the split is clear. But if we compare all Republicans with all Democrats, we see a new and encouraging overlap. More>>

Wastewater Treatment Plants Could Become Sustainable Biorefineries
In the future, wastewater treatment plants can have a broader function by being converted into biorefineries. All of the world's wastewater treatment plants treat large amounts of sewage, used today to produce biogas. In the future, treatment plants can have a broader function by being converted into biorefineries for the production of everything from biogas to different new materials, according to new research out of the University of Boras, Sweden. More>>

'Poop to Power' won't include food scraps
Portlanders may be speaking a lot about Poop to Power this summer, when the city treatment plant expects to begin converting sewage into renewable natural gas. But eggshells, chicken bones and rotting produce won't be part of the mix, now that Metro has scrapped talks with Waste Management Inc. to collect the region's food scraps and turn it into energy at the same city plant. In December, Metro ended nearly a year's negotiations with Waste Management -- which was partnering with the city Bureau of Environmental Services -- after failing to reach agreement on the price and volume of food scraps to be processed at the bureau's Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Portland. More>>

NYSERDA offers $16M in funding for anaerobic digestion projects
The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority announced it is making $19 million available to accelerate the use of clean energy technologies on farms. Most of that funding will support anaerobic digestion projects. According to NYSERDA, $16 million will be offered to accelerate the anaerobic digester sector. Of that $16 million, nearly half is for proposals to install new anaerobic digester systems in ways that demonstrate replicable business models or strategies to expand the anaerobic digester marketplace. More>>

Overseas Freight will use Redeem RNG to lower emissions at ports
ABC member Clean Energy Fuels Corporation plans to supply Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG) to intermodal trucking company Overseas Freight as part of an emissions reduction initiative in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles...Redeem allows customers to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 70% versus diesel. More>>

Wheeler: E15, RFS rulemakings could be delayed by shutdown
During a senate hearing Jan. 16, Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler confirmed that the agency currently plans to complete a rule allowing year-round E15 by June 1, but cautioned it will be unable to meet that deadline if the government shutdown continues. More>>

2019: BioCycle Celebrates 60 Years
With VOL. 60, BioCycle celebrates its 60th year of publishing! A 60th Anniversary Commemorative issue is in the works for July, and you can sign up for the Celebrating BioCycle 60 Dinner on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, during BioCycle's 32nd Annual West Coast Conference in Portland, Oregon. Registration is open for the Conference, including the dinner. The final agenda will be posted soon at BioCycleWestCoast.com. More>>

To win the race against catastrophic climate change, we need to go carbon-negative now
We are not on pace to keep warming below 1.5 or 2 degrees, past which we can expect massive sea level rise, floods, fires, droughts, disruptions in food production, species extinctions, etc. To avoid that, making the emissions reduction math work requires subtraction. We can't just slow the rate at which we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. We must also accelerate ways to effectively remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, using what are called "carbon-negative" strategies. More>>

Faith-Based Social Entrepreneurs Bank Puerto Rico Trash Will Fuel Island's Growth
According to the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration, petroleum supplies just under half of the island's electricity, and natural gas nearly one-third. Coal supplies about one-sixth of electricity, while renewables supplied about 2.4%. "When you process biogas, it's exactly like natural gas, and we call that renewable natural gas," Serfass said. Presumably, biogas could be used by natural gas plants run by Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. More>>

Maximizing Opportunities of Anaerobic Digestion from Wastewater
The wastewater treatment sector has used both aerobic and anaerobic treatment for many years; therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the largest generators of biogas from anaerobic digestion in the U.S. The solids from more than 1,200 plants are treated via anaerobic digestion. Despite these impressive figures, the sector has not yet maximized the potential of this technology. More>>

Trump nominates Wheeler as permanent EPA administrator
On Jan. 9, President Trump formally nominated Andrew Wheeler to serve as administrator of the U.S. EPA. Wheeler has held the post of acting administrator since July 9, 2018, following Scott Pruitt's resignation earlier that month. More>>

Could Virginia lead the nation in poo power?
Virginia-based companies, Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods, announced a multi-million dollar partnership Tuesday to convert methane into natural gas. The $250 million initiative is called Align Renewable Natural Gas. This endeavor is bringing us together to build more sustainable future," Dominion Energy President and CEO Thomas Farrell said. More>>

NMPF Thanks President Trump for Signing Farm Bill
The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) thanked President Donald Trump for signing a farm bill that enacts necessary reforms for dairy farmers. The organization looks forward to working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to quickly implement several new programs. With NMPF Chairman Randy Mooney in attendance, Trump praised the hard work of American farmers and noted Congress's efforts to assist them. Dairy has been noted as a big winner in the bill, with new programs that assist dairy producers facing low prices More>>

EPA: 8 new small refinery waivers filed in past month
On Dec. 20, the U.S. EPA released updated data on small refinery hardship waivers filed under the Renewable Fuel Standard, reporting that seven new waivers for the 2018 compliance year and one new petition for the 2017 compliance year were filed between Nov. 10 and Dec. 18. As of Dec. 18, the EPA has received 22 petitions seeking small refinery waivers for the 2018 compliance year, up from 15 petitions that had been filed as of Nov. 10. All 22 petitions are still pending. More>>

Trump signs 2018 Farm Bill
On Dec. 20, President Trump signed the $867 billion 2018 Farm Bill into law. The bill, titled the Agricultural Improvement Act, or H.R. 2, reauthorizes several Energy Title programs, including the Rural Energy for America Program and the Biomass Crop Assistance Program. Trump's signing of the bill caps a nearly nine-month effort to enact the legislation. More>>

Turning Liquid Gold Into Green Energy
For several years, Smithfield Foods has been partnering with ABC member Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) at nine locations in northwest Missouri to capture methane gas from hog lagoons to create renewable natural gas. [Also] in 2017, Smithfield, along with several of its contract farmers, spearheaded a pilot program known as Optima KV in North Carolina [by ABC member Cavanuagh & Associates]. Optima KV uses five anaerobic digesters to capture and clean biogas collected from in-ground digesters and is then transported to a central facility to be converted into renewable natural gas (RNG). Both efforts are part of Smithfield Renewables, a platform announced in October 2017 to help meet the company's goal of carbon reduction and renewable energy efforts. More>>

Trio of RNG Fueling Stations
Three new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations have been built along Ontario's Highway 401. Located at Flying J and Husky travel centers, the facilities were built in partnership with ABC member Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and Union Energy Solutions, an unregulated affiliate of Union Gas Ltd., an Enbridge company [with biogas from ABC member StormFisher]. More>>

ABC Digester Operator Training Comes Returns to CA in February
After the success of ABC's first 3-Day Operator Training Course last February in San Francisco, CA, we are bringing a second 3-Day Operator Training for 2019! This February the ABC will offer an intensive operator training class for digester operators, operations managers, owners and developers. This hands-on, 3-day class will take place at multiple locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area, from South San Francisco to San Jose and the East Bay. Each class day will be filled with both classroom training and hands on participation at different operating digester sites. More>>

EPA sets 2019 cellulosic waiver credit price at $1.77
The U.S. EPA has published a notice on its website setting the cellulosic waiver credit (CWC) price for 2019 at $1.77. The price is slightly lower than the CWC price for 2018, which was set at $1.96 in December 2017. [This sets the price differential between D3 and D5 RINs for 2019.] More>>

Judge rules no punishing Smithfield Foods for hog complex
A federal judge in North Carolina is shutting down a lawsuit against a Smithfield Foods hog feeding operation by some neighbors who complained of odors, flies and noises. U.S. District Judge David Faber on Thursday declared there wasn't enough evidence for those neighbors to pursue punitive damages. More>>

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