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House will vote on farm bill and immigration measures Thursday
The House of Representatives on Thursday will take up the 2018 farm bill, alongside immigration reform bills authored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va. and Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., which would include a measure aimed at fixing the controversial family separation policy. More>>

RFQ for Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Materials | Hennepin County, MN
On June 19, Hennepin County, Minnesota, released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), requesting submissions from qualified, experienced, and financially capable entities to anaerobically digest a minimum of 25,000 tons per year of source-separated organics to produce energy and beneficial soil or agricultural supplements. Submissions are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 7, 2018. More>>

Conservatives May Withhold Support in Farm Bill Revote
Deadline for revote on farm bill: June 22; Freedom Caucus members won't commit to backing bill. Conservative lawmakers remain non-committal a week before the deadline to revive the House farm bill after its May defeat over an unrelated immigration bill and tighter eligibility rules for federal food assistance. More>>

Senate panel OKs farm bill, but House wants work provisions
A Senate panel approved a modest, bipartisan rewrite of federal farm and nutrition programs on Wednesday, sidestepping a fight for now but setting up a clash with House Republicans intent on beefing up work requirements for food stamps. The legislation, approved by a bipartisan 20-1 vote, would renew farm safety-net programs such as subsidies for crop insurance, farm credit, and land conservation. More>>

Gov. Malloy and DEEP Announce Selection of 250 MW of Renewable Energy Projects
Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Robert Klee today announced that Connecticut has selected over 250 MW of clean and renewable energy projects as part of DEEP's recent Clean Energy Request for Proposals. The projects include the state's first procurement of offshore wind, in addition to multiple fuel cell projects and a new anaerobic digestion facility by ABC member Turning Earth. More>>

Hurdles for a farm-bill deal
The farm bill that the Senate Agriculture Committee will consider Wednesday is refreshingly dull compared to the bill that passed the House Agriculture Committee with only Republican votes and so far has failed to win passage on the House floor. But the utter conventionality of the Senate bill also shows how difficult it would be for the two chambers to write a conference report that would be acceptable to both, especially before the November election. More>>

EPA chief hints he could order more ethanol in fuel
A week after the White House suspended its bid to reform the nation's biofuels policy to aid oil refiners, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday dangled a tantalizing prospect to Midwest corn farmers, saying the agency has the power to expand sales of higher ethanol gasoline blends. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt made the comments during a multi-day tour of the Midwest, as he fended off criticism from farmers and heartland lawmakers that his attempts since last year to overhaul the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) marked a betrayal of Republican President Donald Trump's promises to support rural jobs. More>>

Dairy Farms Find a Lifeline: Beer
Prices have cratered, driven by high supply and falling demand. For Carter & Stevens, staying solvent required creative thinking. "To succeed today as a dairy farm, you need to diversify," Mr. DuBois said. "We found our passion for craft beer." More>>

EPA Issues Final Rule to Ensure Federal Enforceability of Iowa Air Program Rules
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking final action to approve revisions to the Iowa State Implementation Plan (SIP), the 111(d) plan, and the Operating Permits Program. "... a new or modified anaerobic lagoon for an animal feeding operation shall apply for a construction permit as provided in 567 IAC chapter 65. It does not exempt animal feeding operations from air pollution permitting, and solely applies to anaerobic lagoons at animal feeding operations." More>>

Where is all the excess food waste? Here. On this new EPA map.
The U.S. EPA Excess Food Opportunities Map supports nationwide diversion of excess food from landfills. The interactive map identifies and displays facility-specific information about potential generators and recipients of excess food in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors and also provides estimates of excess food by generator type. The map displays the locations of more than 500,000 potential excess food generators. The map also displays the locations of communities with source separated organics programs, as well as more than 4,000 potential recipients of excess food. More>>

Ted Cruz Says Imperiled Biofuel Overhaul Plan Isn't Dead
A day after a tentative agreement to overhaul U.S. biofuel policy appeared to collapse amid farm-state concerns, EPA chief Scott Pruitt met to discuss the issue with the lead senator pushing for the changes: Ted Cruz. Pruitt declined to comment on the meeting as he left the restaurant, but Cruz said the dinner included discussion about the Renewable Fuel Standard and had been planned well before Monday's reports that a White House-brokered accord was unraveling. Cruz stressed that a deal to overhaul the biofuel policy could be revived. More>>

American Biogas Council Praises Introduction of the Carbon Utilization Act of 2018
On June 5, Senators Michael Bennet of Colorado and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island introduced the Carbon Utilization Act of 2018 which will incentivize emerging carbon utilization technologies, such as digesters and carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) by providing increased access to USDA loan guarantees, research programs, and rural development loans. The bill will create education and research programs and encourage interagency collaboration to advance these technologies. The American Biogas Council praised its introduction as the programs within it can help farms become more resilient and sustainable. More>>

Only a Few Spots Left for ABC's Digester Operator Training
Over five days in Oshkosh, WI, you'll get the best training available for digester operators in the US. The first two trainings have sold out and there are only a few spots left for our expanded course June 18-22. Come learn from top digestion operations experts to increase biogas production, digestate quality, revenue and avoid costly, time-consuming and smelly mistakes for your digester. The American Biogas Council and UW-Oshkosh have put together a first class in-person, hands on training program for operators, operations managers, owners and developers, supplemented with classroom teaching. More>>

RFS changes on hold
ASSUME DEAL DEAD: Sen. Joni Ernst's decision to lay into embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt over his alleged about-face on ethanol appears to have paid off. Ernst spoke to President Donald Trump Tuesday night, she wrote on Twitter, and he "just assured me he 'won't sign a deal that's bad for farmers!' Thank you, Mr. President!" Ernst's tweet came at the end of a day that began with her suggesting Trump may have cause to fire his embattled EPA chief, calling Pruitt "as swampy as you get." It appeared to represent another victory for the farm team in the long-running corn-versus-oil showdown over the Renewable Fuel Standard. More>>

ABC Annual Conference/BioCycle REFOR18 Discount Code Available
The only national biogas conference for the biogas industry heads south! The early bird registration for BioCycle REFOR18: The official conference of the American Biogas Council is now available. And ABC members can double the savings in this announcement. Email ABC staff to get your code. We hope to see you in Raleigh, NC this October! More>>

Ag committee members advocate for Farm Bill energy title programs
On June 4, a bipartisan group of eight members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry sent a letter to committee chair Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and ranking member Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., expressing support for the Farm Bill energy title programs. The Agriculture Energy Coalition (of which the ABC is a member) has spoken out to thank the senators for their action. More>>

Iowa Senators not happy with report of retroactive refinery waivers
Iowa's two U.S. Senators are not happy about a new report that says the EPA granted retroactive waivers to refineries to allow them to get around the requirements for blending ethanol in gasoline under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Grassley says if he doesn't get the answers on the items he requested from the EPA head, "then I think it is time for Pruitt to go." More>>

Pork giant makes case that penned hogs are good neighbors
The world's largest pork producer put its best case before jurors Wednesday to debunk claims that its waste is responsible for stenches so foul and attracts so many flies that life for rural neighbors is miserable. It's the second lawsuit to come to trial in a series of what could be dozens of similar nuisance complaints on behalf of more than 500 neighbors. As many as 10 lawsuits filed by the same attorneys could go to trials this year. More>>

Vermont Coffee Company Converts to 100 Percent Biogas for Roasting Operations
The 20-year-old coffee roasting company, which sources only organic-certified coffees, believes it is the first commercial roaster in the country to make such a switch involving biogas. The transition was made possible as the company's gas provider, ABC member Vermont Gas, is the first in the U.S. to put renewable biogas into their pipeline system. More>>

Just Released: Anaerobic Digestion Of Food Waste In The U.S.
[BioCycle Magazine] Results of a 2017 survey of anaerobic digesters (AD) in the U.S. processing food waste was just released by the U.S. EPA Region 3 office. The report, "Anaerobic Digestion Facilities Processing Food Waste in the United States in 2015," summarizes data received for three types of AD facilities: Stand-alone food waste digesters; On-farm digesters that codigest food waste; and Digesters at water resource recovery facilities. EPA confirmed that 154 AD facilities processing food waste were operational. Another 30 facilities are believed to be operational, bringing the total operational (confirmed plus unconfirmed) to 184. More>>

BC city using biofuel power waste management system
A new state-of-the-art facility is calling British Columbia home as Renewi Canada and the City of Surrey open North America's first integrated closed-loop organic waste management system. Used to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) and compost soil amenders, the Surrey Biofuel Facility (SBF) takes curb-side organic waste and converts it into fuel for the city's fleet of natural gas vehicles. The $68-million facility, located in Metro Vancouver, opened March 9, 2018, and is expected to produce roughly 120,000 gigajoules of RNG and 45,000 tonnes of compost annually. More>>

McConnell: Senate Farm Bill May Not Include Tighter Work Requirements
Mr. McConnell said this week that he was eager to bring a farm bill to the Senate floor, dispelling speculation that he might be reluctant to pass legislation that vulnerable red-state Democrats up for re-election this year might tout as a political victory. "It's important for this Republican Senate not to leave the farm bill on the sidelines. If the Democrats running in those states vote for it, that's fine," Mr. McConnell said. Republicans "are obviously stronger in rural and small town America than we are in the big cities and the coasts, so for us not to produce a farm bill would be a negative," he said. More>>

"Common Control" Determinations Updated by EPA in Permitting Cases
In a letter, dated April 30, 2018, to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PDEP), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or Agency) announced its new policy on determining "common control" for source determinations in federal Clean Air Act (CAA) permitting cases. The Wehrum Letter was issued in response to a letter from PDEP requesting the Agency's comments on a case involving a proposed biogas processing facility and whether it should be aggregated with an existing landfill for air quality permitting purposes. More>>

King County's Biofuel Facility a Boon for Region's Economy and Emissions Reductions
At its South Treatment Plant in Renton, King County, Wash., is reaping the benefits of purifying biogas into renewable natural gas (RNG) for use by commercial vehicles. According to a press release from the county, RNG sales yielded more than $6 million in revenue for King County's Wastewater Treatment Division in 2017. "We are demonstrating to the rest of the country how local governments can work together to build a sustainable, clean energy economy..." [With ABC member Clean Energy Renewable Fuels] More>>

Opinion: Reconsidering the Rescission Package
[By ABC member, Bruce Knight] As a conservative Republican, I strongly support scooping up unused funds sitting in the drawers of federal agencies and returning them to the taxpayers or reducing the federal debt. But the rescission package the Administration recently proposed would make significant cuts in funding that Congress has authorized for important agricultural conservation programs administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). These monies are not spare change but precious dollars the agency intends to use to address a backlog of pending conservation requests. The funds need to be preserved and reserved for conservation -- not returned to the federal treasury. More>>

VT Gas now selling RNG to Residential Customers
Know someone living in Vermont? Send them this link to see how much it would costs to switch to renewable natural gas. Buying renewable natural gas from utilities like ABC member VT Gas helps the biogas industry build more anaerobic digesters. And building more digesters means more infrastructure to recycle food waste, manure and wastewater into energy and soil products! So much to love... More>>

Questions About the Catawba Biogas Announcement
Last Wednesday, AnsonEDP announced that Catawba Biogas would be building a $15 million poultry waste to natural gas conversion plant near Lilesville. Since then, our shop has been fielding a few common questions and we thought it might be useful to post those answers here on our blog. Catawba Biogas is owned by Ductor North America, Inc., an ABC member. More>>

In victory for biogas industry groups, farm bill fails in House
The Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (H.R. 2) -- commonly known as the farm bill -- failed in the House on Friday in a 213 to 198 vote. The core industry issues in the farm bill were overshadowed by ongoing Republican debates over immigration policy. The American Biogas Council (ABC), Agriculture Energy Coalition (AgEC) and Biomass Power Association (BPA) had urged Congress in a statement to oppose H.R. 2 over concerns it will reshape and cut funding for current programs intended to promote the use of biomass and agricultural residues for energy. More>>

Farm Bill, what next after failed House vote?
Some of you may have seen that the ABC strongly encouraged the biogas industry to apply pressure to Congress to vote against the House version of the Farm Bill. It's worth stating that we are not against the Farm Bill, a bill we need to pass because it funds programs at USDA that can accelerate the construction of farm-related biogas systems. We're against the fundamental changes the House put in place in their current version of the Farm Bill. To be specific... More>>

Complexe Enviro Connexions Chooses Paques' THIOPAQ® scrubber
Complexe Enviro Connexions in Lachenaie, Quebec, a waste management service company that owns and operates one of the largest landfill gas upgrading plants in North America, has chosen Paques' THIOPAQ scrubber for desulfurization of 6,000 scfm landfill gas. The desulfurization system will remove on average approximately 1,000 lbs/d of hydrogen sulfide prior to further upgrading the LFG for pipeline injection. The state of the art desulfurization plant is expected to start up in the first quarter of 2019. More>>

Meet The Winners Of The 2018 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards
Outstanding Supply Chain Collaboration: Magic Dirt of Little Rock, Ark. Getting a peat moss replacement made from dairy cow manure into Walmart stores in 43 states is no small feat. But partners throughout the supply chain – from farm to retail – rose to meet consumers' demand for a more sustainable gardening product. And they did it quickly. In just a few years, Magic Dirt, a ABC member, was innovated and distributed nationwide thanks to dairy farmers' enterprising spirit and Walmart's logistical and marketing expertise. More>>

House votes down 2018 Farm Bill
On May 18, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 198 to 213 to defeat the 2018 Farm Bill, officially titled the Agriculture or Nutrition Act of 2018, or H.R. 2. All 198 votes in favor of passing the legislation were made by republicans, with 30 republicans and 183 democrats voting against the bill. An addition seven republicans and 10 democrats did not vote on the legislation. Following the vote, House Speaker Paul Ryan moved to reconsider the bill. More>>

Call for Papers Open for ABC's Annual Conference @ Biocycle REFOR18
Accepting abstracts now for presentations on October 16-17, 2018. If you have a biogas system-related presentation that's a case study, on a planning process, or on third party research findings, please let us know and join us in Raleigh, NC this October 15-18! More>>

Iowa Residents to Sue the State Over Air Emissions from Industrial Hog Farms
"There's no way $325,000 is going to fix [the NC plaintiffs'] situation or allow them to relocate somewhere else," Watson said. What happened in North Carolina, he added, "makes our lawsuit that much more important, because we're going after the regulatory process [itself]." More>>

What is the farm bill? From food stamps to conservation efforts, a look at the massive legislation
The farm bill's massive size and undertaking gives way to various critiques from those who think its too costly or doesn't do quite enough. House Republicans are reportedly just short of the 218 votes it needs to pass it; President Trump will threaten to veto the legislation if it doesn't include tight enough work requirements for people on food stamps, sources told Fox News. More>>

Bioenergy and Agriculture Groups Urge Congress to Oppose H.R 2, House Farm Bill
The American Biogas Council (ABC) in conjunction with the Agriculture Energy Coalition (AgEC) and the Biomass Power Association (BPA) released the following statement on H.R. 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill. To our organizations, these changes are unacceptable and we urge Congress to oppose H.R. 2 in its current form. More>>

New global report to help cities manage their food waste
According to the World Biogas Association, an ABC member, a new international report to help cities manage their food waste has been launched today. The report sets out the experiences of cities around the world in managing their food waste; the best practices for preventing and reducing food waste; an overview of collection systems to ensure clean food waste is brought to treatment and more. More>>

Dane County, WI secures lake clean-up grant
Dane County, an ABC member, was one of only six counties in Wisconsin to win this grant from the National Association of Conservation Districts. The county is also in the process of conducting an analysis of where new digester facilities could be located to most effectively treat manure and potentially process it into biogas or other byproducts of economic value. That report detailing the feasibility of potential future digester sites is due back later this year. More>>

EPA delivers proposed rule for 2019 RFS RVOs to OMB
The U.S. EPA has delivered its proposed rule to set 2019 Renewable Fuel Standard blending obligations to the White House Office of Management and Budget. OMB review marks a final step before the proposal is released for public comment. According to information posted to the OMB's website, the notice of proposed rulemaking is currently expected to be released in June, with the rule scheduled to be finalized in December. More>>

Biogas Council and EESI Announce Congressional Briefing on Biogas
The Environmental and Energy Study Institute and the American Biogas Council invite you to a briefing about the numerous challenges posed by organic wastes -- to human health, water and air quality, and to businesses that must manage these wastes -- and how anaerobic digestion offers solutions to these pressing issues. Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 2-3:30pm ET, Room 340 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC. Free and open to the public in person and also livecast online. More>>

Conaway races to nail down farm bill votes before House floor debate
House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway has a countdown clock to drum up votes for his farm bill [and the ABC is working to make sure these and other efforts to pass the House's Farm Bill fail]. House Republican leadership is planning to bring the farm bill to the floor next week, meaning Conaway (R-Texas) will have to work overtime to woo fellow GOP members to vote for the bill as intraparty divisions threaten to jeopardize the legislation. More>>

Facilitating Food Waste Digestion
[BioCycle Magazine] Increasing volumes of commercial food waste, much of it contaminated or packaged, led digestion facility in South San Francisco to install a depackaging unit. More>>

The Production and Use of Renewable Natural Gas as a Climate Strategy in the United States
"The Production and Use of Renewable Natural Gas as a Climate Strategy in the United States," a Working Paper by Rebecca Gasper and Tim Searchinger with the World Resources Institute, was released in late April and offers a positive assessment -- from a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction lens -- on renewable natural gas (RNG) produced by anaerobic digesters. "Generally speaking, RNG has potential as an effective GHG reduction strategy when it meets two conditions: It is produced from organic waste, and its production and use results in net methane emissions reductions," states the paper. More>>

Editorial: Aspirational And Essential
[BioCycle Magazine] I took a quick trip to Las Vegas to attend Waste Expo and give a presentation on the BioCycle 2017 Residential Food Waste Collection Access in the U.S. report. On Tuesday (4/24/18), I attended a “Fireside Chat” with Jim Fish, the CEO of Waste Management. The previous Friday, Waste Management (WM) released its 2018 first quarter earnings, noting the company's “traditional solid waste business” -- collection and disposal -- “is in exceptional health,” accounting for 90 percent of revenues. Recycling, on the other hand... More>>

Catawba Biogas Plans Biogas Plant Near Lilesville, NC
Catawba Biogas, a leading operator of renewable energy facilities, will locate a new poultry waste to natural gas conversion plant in Anson County, NC. According to Anson Economic Development Partnership, the company plans to invest at least $15 million in state-of-the-art biogas technology, and is expected to break ground later this year. More>>

Biogas microgrids could reduce odors and outages for hog farm neighbors
Butler, a spry 77-year-old who still runs the operation, covered his waste pits to help reduce odor. He became the second farmer in the state to capture and burn methane gas from manure to create renewable energy. Now, he's the proud sponsor of the state's first biogas microgrid, a self-sustaining power system that could improve electric reliability, cut electric costs for his Harnett County community, and maybe spur wider reforms in the multi-billion-dollar hog business. More>>

Study: Climate change beliefs don't predict pro-environmental behaviors
Researchers divided respondents into three climate change belief categories: skeptic, cautiously worried and highly concerned. Cautiously worried participants reported lower rates of recycling, but skeptics and highly concerned participants were about the same. With all the other behaviors, skeptics reported higher frequency of sustainable behaviors compared with the cautiously worried and highly concerned groups. More>>

The Farm Bill's Tough Path
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway appears determined to bring the farm bill to the House floor next week, and he may get the 215 Republican votes needed to pass it. But the uncertainty within the Trump administration over trade policy and the Renewable Fuel Standard, as well as growing criticism of changes to the food-stamp program, mean that the process of passing this bill is likely to be lengthy -- if it passes in this Congress at all. Conaway is planning meetings this week to sway uncertain Republicans and is hoping to get a whip count before the end of the week. More>>

Trump expected to threaten veto of Farm Bill without tighter work requirements
President Donald Trump is expected to tell senior lawmakers in a meeting Wednesday that he will veto the farm bill if it doesn't include tighter work requirements for people receiving food stamps, according to two people familiar with his deliberations. That stance would immediately intensify the fight around work requirements, the most controversial element of the farm bill, and start a new debate over spending on federal safety-net programs ahead of November's midterm elections. More>>

Sponsorship Opportunities Available for ABC's Annual Conference at BioCycle REFOR18
Most people know that BioCycle and ABC have built the biggest biogas conference in North America--BioCycle REFOR18: The Official Conference of the American Biogas Council. But did you know that when you sponsor BioCycle REFOR18, you're also directly supporting the ABC's programs? Please take a look at all the options for getting involved and let us know how you'd like to participate! More>>

VT Bill Giving Citizens Right To Sue Over Water Pollution Has Financially Strapped Farmers On Edge
A bill that would allow citizens to go to court to enforce state water pollution laws is facing fierce opposition from Vermont farmers...Farmers are upset, saying they are already making substantial investments to comply with pollution controls to reduce phosphorus runoff. And they say now is not the time to add even more risk to their businesses. More>>

EPA Renewable Fuel Standard Waivers Challenged by Biofuels Group
[From the blog of ABC member Diamond Scientific] The Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA), supported by members of House Biofuels Caucus, have challenged the US Environmental Protection Agency in court after they recently granted hardship waivers for several small refineries, including some that are not-so-small, exempting them from regulations pertaining to the US Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). More>>

Six months later, DowDuPont still searching for a Nevada plant buyer
Currently, RFS policy counts biogas created from landfills toward its quota for cellulosic ethanol, and those gases can be captured at a far cheaper rate than actually producing the ethanol. That puts the ethanol producers at a disadvantage. More>>

St. Petersburg City Council learns nothing solid about biosolids
The city planned to send biogas to the utility, which in turn would set up infrastructure that would allow the city to use its own byproduct to power its sanitation trucks and the Southwest sewage plant. Doing so, city staff estimated, would save an estimated $31.6 million. City Council voted to move the project forward in January 2016, based on those projected savings. That savings estimate has since dropped more than 50 percent, to $14.8 million. What happened? Tankersley and staff are no longer sure whether the biogas can be used to power its sanitation trucks. The city had planned to partner with Peoples Gas to provide a pipeline for the trucks, but the energy company has yet to commit. More>>

Toronto may take from curb to fuel tank
The City of Toronto is developing renewable natural gas (RNG) infrastructure that has the potential to represent a fully closed-carbon loop that could fuel its fleet from modified biogas processed at its anaerobic digestion facilities. That means the same collection trucks that pick up Toronto's organic waste could ultimately be fueled by that waste. The City is currently in the process of expanding its Dufferin Organics Processing Facility to increase its organics processing capacity and build a biogas cleanup facility in order to produce RNG. More>>

Smithfield Foods Announces Partnership with Anuvia Plant Nutrients to Develop and Market Bio-Based Sustainable Fertilizer Products
The project reuses organic matter found in hog manure to create a commercial-grade fertilizer that is higher in nutrient concentration than the original organic materials...ABC member Anuvia Plant Nutrients will utilize remnant solids from Smithfield hog farms that accumulate over time at the bottom of the anaerobic lagoons, basins designed and certified to treat and store hog manure. Anuvia, which specializes in the transformation of organic materials into enhanced efficiency fertilizer products, will manufacture and sell these commercial-grade fertilizer products to farmers nationwide. More>>

Lystek opts out of biogas project in the town of Glen (NY)
Lystek International, LLC, is no longer interested in pursuing their proposed Organic Material Recovery Center (OMRC) in the Glen Canal View Business Park. The decision to no longer pursue their proposed project in the business park comes after the discovery of a 1998 Waste Management Law which prohibits any secondary processing of solid or liquid waste in the park [and meetings where Glen residents showed up in force at a board meeting over a biosolids plant locating in the Canal View Business Park]. More>>

NGV Measures Advance in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada, have gotten a boost to advance natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleets and fueling stations. The Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIG) program of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection approved more than $1.6 million to support 19 projects using natural gas and other alternative fuels, such as propane and biodiesel. More>>

Michigan lawmakers look to boost consumer-generated renewables
A bipartisan group of Michigan lawmakers has introduced a package of five bills aimed at expanding access to renewable energy resources and raising the amount that owners of distributed generation are paid for their excess energy production...Among other groups, the bill package would help the state's farmers who have been negatively impacted by the reduced amount of money utilities pay for excess energy...The new policy would allow more residents, particularly farmers interested in wind and biogas investments, to generate their own power... More>>

Reps. Pingree, Young Launch Bipartisan Food Waste Caucus
Today, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Congressman David Young (R-IA) launched a bipartisan House Food Waste Caucus to explore opportunities to reduce food waste...The bipartisan House Food Waste Caucus will look at ways to promote food waste reduction across the food supply chain; provide educational opportunities to congressional members and staff; support efforts to reduce food waste at federal agencies including USDA and EPA; and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to highlight food waste success stories. Last Friday, Congresswoman Pingree hosted a food waste briefing on the Hill. Speakers from the American Biogas Council, Campbell Soup Company, Feeding America, Further with Food, and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic highlighted different opportunities to support food waste reduction initiatives. More>>

Welcome New Member: Noblehurst Green Energy!
Noblehurst Green Energy owns an anaerobic digester system adjacent to the Noblehurst Farms dairy complex. The system is designed to receive three different types of substrates--manure, food scraps and other pre-consumer organics. The biogas is used to generate electricty on- and off-site and heat. At maximum output, the total electricity output is projected to be enough to power the equivalent of more than 300 homes. More>>

Hog waste suits may bring change
It was the first of dozens of lawsuits filed by neighbors of massive swine farms in North Carolina...But then, it's not all that surprising. The industry is using waste-disposal techniques that are appropriate to the 19th century, not the 21st...In truth, there are many better ways of getting rid of the waste, including some new techniques that make the effluent generate additional cash. A Duke University study found that one technique for producing biogas from hog waste could produce energy for as little as 5 cents per kilowatt hour -- about the same cost as solar power. More>>

Smithfield Foods Extended Statement Regarding McKiver v. Murphy-Brown Verdict
We are extremely disappointed by the verdict. We believe the outcome would have been different if the court had allowed the jury to (1) visit the plaintiffs' properties and the Kinlaw farm and (2) hear additional vital evidence, especially the results of our expert's odor-monitoring tests, as explained in detail below. In addition, media reports of a $50 million verdict are inaccurate and misleading. More>>

Dane County (WI) to explore manure treatment funding
Dane County Executive Parisi on April 26 announced ABC member Dane County will be partnering with local family farmers to accelerate lakes clean-up efforts by commissioning a study to recommend where treatment technology can most effectively be located to treat more manure. The county is looking for proposals and bids from private partners to evaluate where additional digesters or other types of large scale treatment systems could be placed to reduce run-off. More>>

Welcome New Member: Western Branch Diesel!
Western Branch Diesel is a full service company providing Sales , Service, & Engineering Assistance to the power generation, marine, and on-road markets. The equipment we service in these markets are MTU, MTU Onsite Energy, Detroit Diesel, Volvo Penta, and Alison. More>>

Rep. Pingree (ME) Invited ABC to Speak on Biogas for Stop Food Waste Day
On Friday, April 27, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (ME), who has been a long time supporter of reducing food waste, held a briefing on Capitol Hill to discuss the issue for Stop Food Waste Day. ABC was invited to talk about food waste recycling and biogas. During the briefing, Rep. Pingree also announced the formation of a new, bi-partisan Food Waste Caucus and is looking for House members to join. Please encourage your Representative to join the Caucus! More>>

Amp Americas opens 20th CNG fueling station
The Amp CNG ultra fast-fill CNG station is now open to the public and takes all major credit and fleet cards. The station is already fueling US Foods' Buda-based fleet of 50 CNG trucks. More>>

Farm-bill fight gets messier
One week after House Agriculture Committee Republicans passed a farm bill, all is superficially quiet on this legislative front. But behind the scenes, the situation is messy and getting messier. More>>

In North Carolina, Hog Waste Is Becoming A Streamlined Fuel Source
In late March, a project in eastern North Carolina revealed the potential to turn every hog farm in the state into a source of renewable natural gas, or what's known as swine biogas. Most people think the purpose of biogas is to create green fuel, but that's actually the byproduct. The main purpose of creating biogas is to destroy methane and earn valuable carbon offset credits -- methane is a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. (With ABC members Cavanaugh & Associates, Duke Energy and Duke University) More>>

EPA: 20.98 million cellulosic RINs generated in March
Approximately 20.38 million D3 cellulosic biofuel RINs were generated in March, bringing the net total for the first three months of the year to 41.7 million. More>>

Chairs of House Biofuels Caucus Demand Answers about EPA's Secret RFS Waivers
It is our understanding that these waivers were permitted through...a provision that was designed to provide flexibility to small refineries who are truly experiencing hardship. According to recent reports, however, it is clear that at least three of these waivers were granted to refineries owned by a company that posted a profit of $1.5 billion last year. In addition, these waivers were issued by the EPA privately without any public input. More>>

Woodland Meadows Landfill State-of-the-Art Gas to Energy Facility Now Open
Ameresco, Inc. announced that the landfill gas to renewable natural gas facility at the Woodland Meadows Landfill, owned by ABC member Waste Management has achieved EPA approval and is now in operation. More>>

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