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Sustaining members receive an automatic seat on the Board of Directors for each year their organization is a member at this level. Any organization may join at this level instead of one of the levels listed below. Join >>
  • $12,600
Industry, International and Renewable Energy Organizations
Includes Equipment Companies, Operators, Current and Future Plant Owners and Feedstock Providers (including agricultural growers, producers and processors), Contractors, Renewable Energy Customers, including Utility & Pipeline companies. US Biogas-Related Revenue (most recent full year); includes gas sales, electricity sales, service sales, sale of equipment, operations and maintenance fees. Join >>
  • $11,900 ($40.0 Million+ in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
  • $9,300 ($10-$40 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
  • $5,300 ($2.5-$10 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
  • $2,700 ($1-$2.5 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
  • $1,900 (0-$1 Milllion in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
  • $800 (Distributor/Dealer - not eligible to vote. Applicants must confirm that their organization distributes and/or vends products supplied by a current ABC member.)
  • $550 (Farmers and Sole Proprietors with North American Biogas-related Revenue < $500k)
Support Industry Join >>
  • $1,900 (Media, Law Firms, Financiers, Engineering, and Accounting Firms)
Public, Academic and Not-for-Profit Organizations (Dues in this category will not be used for lobbying.) Join >>
  • $750 (Not-for-Profits, Academic Institutions)
  • $550 (Other Individuals in Not-for-Profit Sector)
  • $550 (Public Entities, Federal/State/Local Government Agencies, Municipalities etc.)
  • $75 (Students: non-voting)


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