ABC Board Election 2020

Important Dates

  • Nominating Period: Nov. 12 – Dec. 2 (midnight ET)
  • Voting: Dec. 7 – Dec. 16 (midnight ET)
  • Directors Announced: Dec. 18
  • First meeting with new directors: January Board Meeting (TBD)

Online Voting

Online voting will open on December 7. ABC members will be notified via email with instructions on how to vote. Your dues must have been paid in order to receive your ballot. 

Current Nominees

Submit your nominations to [email protected] 

Your name

Your job title

Your organization (must be an ABC member in good standing)

Your Bio Here

When you email us your nomination we’ll ask your nominee for their biography, statement and headshot. If you’re nominating yourself, go ahead and email us your headshot, biography and statement. 


Your Statement Here

Your short statement should indicate how you will improve the American Biogas Council’s operations. Let voters know which programs you tend to help lead. These can be current committees, or maybe you see a need for a new program. 


  1. Who’s on the ABC Board now?
  2. How many seats are up for election?
    Seven – There are 13 elected positions total with seven up for election this year. ABC has 23 Directors overall: 13 elected, 3 ex-officio (Executive Director Patrick Serfass, ABC Treasurer Melissa VanOrnum, and Director Emeritus Nora Goldstein), and 7 Sustaining Members. Sustaining Members receive an automatic Board position for any year their membership is in good standing. Your organization can upgrade to Sustaining Membership at any time, skip the election, and join the Board immediately. Interested? Please email Patrick Serfass ([email protected]) if you’d like to know more about Sustaining Membership. 
  3. Whose terms are ending?
    • Paul Greene, Montrose Environmental Group
    • Craig Frear, Regenis
    • Jessica Linville-LeRoy, Mendota Agri-Products
    • Amy McCrae Kessler, Independent
    • Bryan Sievers, AgriReNew
    • Lauren Toretta, CH4 Biogas
    • 1 vacant seat
  4. What are the main responsibilities of Directors?
    • Please refer to page 5 of the ABC bylaws.
    • Attend Board meetings. The Board generally meets monthly–11 times a year by conference call for 90 minutes, and once a year in-person. It is unknown if the next two-year term will have any in-person meetings, but in-person meetings are usually in conjunction with the ABC Fly-in in Washington, DC. 
    • Directors are expected to take a leadership position in a Council program (existing or new) and to help engage the rest of the membership to participate and support the activities of the ABC which are designed to grow the biogas industry.
  5. How long are the terms for Directors?
    With the exception of Sustaining Members, Director terms are two years, but Directors may be re-elected for additional 2-year terms without limit.
  6. Are there term limits?
    No director may be elected for a term longer than two years, but Directors may be re-elected for additional 2-year terms without limit.
  7. How do I nominate someone? May I nominate myself?
    Simply email their name, company, and email address to [email protected]. You may nominate yourself if you wish!
  8. Is there a Nominating Committee?
    Yes. The ABC bylaws call for a Nominating Committee to be established in order to ensure a full slate of candidates is available to the members when voting and to help identify strong candidates to run for the Board. The open nominating process will continue and the existence of the Nominating Committee should not discourage any member from running. The combination of the open process and the Nominating Committee should result in the best possible slate of potential Directors for members to choose from when you vote next month.

If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to your participation and please don’t forget to vote!