Each year, we organize a “DC fly-in,” a group canvassing of Congressional and Agency offices with ABC members. This is a great opportunity to meet with your Congressional representatives as well as agencies about how they can help the biogas and AD industry. It is also a way for us, as ABC staff, to get higher profile meetings because we have constituents (you) in town!

Please provide ABC’s Lobbyist, Maureen Walsh ([email protected]), with the following information so that we can schedule the highest caliber of meetings possible:

Your Project Information

Please provide us with your current projects and their physical location including city/town and preferably a zip code. Additionally, please include a description of your project (size, cost, number of employees, feedstock, what it does etc.)

Relationship with Congressional Staff

If you already have an existing relationship with your member of Congress or Senator and if you do, how? Have they come to visit your project? Do you actively participate in their efforts to get elected?

*This information is exceptionally important as it allows the ABC to ask for the meeting with constituent appeal. It makes it much more tangible for the staff and member and hopefully, will allow us the opportunity to meet with higher caliber staff and/or the Representative or Senator.

** View our helpful guidelines for the lobbying process 

To add this event to your calendar, click here.

A detailed schedule and lodging information is forthcoming and will be updated on this page soon. Stay tuned for more!