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Turning Cow Poo into Power is Profitable for US Farm
Homestead Dairy is a family-run farm that transforms cow poo and other waste into electricity using biogas. The digester does a much better job of turning the manure into fertilizer, which means a better yield from the farm's 4,500 acres of corn. Once that nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer is extracted, what's left makes for some nice soft bedding for the cows.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than three million tons of greenhouse gas emissions were eliminated last year by Homestead and the 246 other US livestock farms which have installed biogas recovery systems. The EPA estimates they could generate enough electricity to power over a million homes and cut emissions by the equivalent of taking nearly four million cars off the road. Biogas recovery is also being used to capture methane from landfills and sewage treatment plants and even at craft beer companies.

"The federal government is really committed to seeing progress in this sector," said Allison Costa, program manager for the EPA's AgStar unit. "Widespread investment and adoption could help us make significant inroads in helping us address some of our environmental and energy challenges."

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Wastewater to irrigate, fertilize and generate energy
To meet the requirements of Asian cities, researchers are adapting an idea they have already applied in Germany for comprehensive water management: They are developing a concept for reducing water use, treating wastewater and extracting fertilizer for a strip of coastline in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang...This concept sees wastewater purified biologically. "At the heart of the system are anaerobic bioreactors in which the organic component of wastewater ferments into biogas," Mohr explains. More>>

NY governor: Long Island plant will turn food waste into clean energy starting in 2016
ov. Andrew Cuomo says a plant that will process food waste into clean energy is coming to eastern Long Island.The anaerobic digester project is slated for a 62-acre site in Yaphank. It will be operated by American Organic Energy at its compost facility. It's expected to be completed in August 2016. More>>

West Louisville Biodigester Would Be One Among Many Nationally
As city officials and residents clash over whether Indiana-based Nature's Methane should be allowed to build a plant that converts food waste into methane gas, an industry group that advocates for biogas production says the plan for an anaerobic digester in West Louisville is not out of the ordinary. According to Patrick Serfass with the American Biogas Council, there are about 2,000 digester tanks in the U.S. converting organic waste into natural gas. Most are in wastewater treatment plants, landfills and farms. More than a dozen, though, were specifically created to break down food waste -- like the project proposed for West Louisville. More>>

California Nears Law Requiring Organic Waste Infrastructure Planning
California's assembly has passed a bill requiring local governments to plan for the building of sufficient composting infrastructure to process organic waste. The California Senate passed AB 876, authored by Assembly member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), which would force local governments, beginning Aug. 1, 2017, to assess the amount of organic waste that will be generated in a region during a 15-year period. They would be required to identify locations for new or expanded organic waste recycling facilities capable of handling this material, according to a news release from the Sacramento-based environmental advocacy group, Californians Against Waste. More>>

Hoosier Energy to build fourth landfill gas-to-energy plant
Hoosier Energy and Randolph Farms Landfill have teamed up for a landfill gas-to-energy project in east central Indiana's Randolph County. More>>

EREF publishes reports on the use of MSW
The not-for-profit Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) has published two reports, both resulting from its Internal Research Program (IRP). The reports are “Using Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as a Biofuel Feedstock” and “Anaerobic Digestion of MSW: Report on the State of Practice.” More>>

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ABC Federal Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting
Federal LRA Meetings are held every 2 weeks on Thursdays from 2-3pm ET. (Every 4 weeks for state activities) More>>

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