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Michigan dairy farm produces electricity from manure

Brian Geerlings estimates his 2,000 cows produce enough milk each day to supply each resident of Grand Rapids with an 8-ounce glass of milk.

But that's not all his cows produce. Thanks to three "anaerobic digesters" that process the manure on the "back end" of the farm, the Scenic View Dairy also generates enough electricity to power more than 700 homes.

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[Video] The largest biogas plant for an American campus is at the Michigan State University
Thanks to waste from the university's cafeteria, which serves approximately 150,000 meals per week, Michigan State University is capable of generating 400 kw with cogeneration of electricity and heat, intended to give energy to 10 campus buildings. The anaerobic digester processes 22-24 thousand tons of material annually and also collects food waste from supermarkets and dairies. The project's distinctive feature is the fact that it was fully funded internally, with an expected payback in 10 years. More>>

Missouri project 'a new level' in manure biogas production
This summer, one of the country's largest producers of biogas from animal manure is expected to begin operations in northwest Missouri. It's a large-scale example of technology that has been slow to take off in the United States, but new federal policy may be changing that. The use of anaerobic bacteria to produce renewable biogas from organic matter is not a new technology, but the United States has been slow to adopt it, despite its large livestock industry. "Europe has over 10,000 operating digesters and some communities are essentially fossil-fuel free because of them," according to American Biogas Council's web site, compared to about 2,100 in the U.S. -only 247 of which are on farms. More>>

GE signs MOU with Cenergi SEA to advanced biogas in Malaysia
GE recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Cenergi SEA Sdn Bhd to collaborate in spurring the development of the biogas industry in Malaysia. GE and Cenergi have been working together since 2013 with Cenergi running GE's Jenbacher gas engines using its palm oil mill effluent (POME) in its biogas projects. More>>

RNG at UPS Furthers "Circular Economy"
The increasing use of RNG/renewable natural gas, aka biomethane, by UPS is a sterling example of "circular" economics as distinguished from the traditional, "linear" business operating model of "make, use and dispose." More>>

[Video] Massachusetts provides biogas and CHP incentives
Massachusetts has made available numerous incentives for biogas plants: such as renewable energy certificates related to the commitment of energy producers to generate part of their portfolio from renewable resources, alternative energy credits that are applied to the production of heat and electricity through cogeneration, virtual net metering, which regulates the transfer of energy produced by a private plant to another company, and numerous other incentives for the design and construction of cogeneration plants. More>>

How to increase plant profitability by exploiting storage and peak demand
Biogas storage and the generation of energy during periods of peak demand may greatly increase plant profitability. Although it is a common practice in Europe, the United States is only just considering it, as it did not bring any particular economic benefits in the past. Now, for example, for a North Carolina project, the sale of electricity during peak times is worth 14 cents per kWh, compared to an average of 3.8 cents in off-peak hours. Video shows an interview with David Palmer, Senior Energy Project manager at Tetra Tech. More>>

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