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Clean Energy Fuels to fuel UPS delivery fleet with biomethane

American courier United Parcel Service (UPS) has signed a partnership with Clean Energy Fuels for the supply of biomethane for its delivery fleet across California. Beginning this month, UPS fuelling stations in Sacramento, Fresno and Los Angeles will use renewable natural gas (RNG), known as Redeem, for refueling tractors and delivery vehicles.

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Army seeks comments on proposed biofuel-capable power plant
Hawaiian Electric has proposed a new 50-MW biofuel-capable facility on Oahu. The 8.13 acre of land is to be leased from the U.S. Army. Currently the U.S. army is seeking public comment on this Schofield Generating Station Project. A draft environmental impact statement has been made open for public review. The facility would help the energy security and the move toward renewable energies for the Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield and Field Station Kunia. More>>

New Jersey Wastewater treatment plant adds biogas conditioning system
Hanover County's Wastewater treatment plant is installing a biogas conditioning system. The system will allow the biogas to be used to power a 100 KW engine, and conditioning it before using it gives a longer life span for the engine. Clean Methane Systems will be implementing their conditioning technology for the facility. The facility previously flared off its biogas, and is making this investment to decrease its dependence on fuel oil. More>>

With Compost Program, Keeping Waste From Going to Waste
In a pilot project 100,000 households are putting their organic waste into designated bins. New York is trying to change the cities mindset to see garbage as "feedstock" to provide nutrients and energy that shouldn't not go to waste. The city sees the future as combining the methane producing power from the wastewater treatment process as wells as the recycling of organic wastes. The largest treatment plant, Newtown Creek, has recently upgraded their purification process to allow the energy produced to be used for household supply in Brooklyn. More>>

Blue Sphere Corp. Set to Break Ground on Johnston, RI Project
Blue Sphere Corp set to break ground in the coming week on a waste to energy project. The project is projected to produce 3.2 MW from uneaten organic food waste. The food waste would usually find its way to a landfill, but will instead be used to produce energy and a nutrient rich compost. More>>

In Haines, Florida the ground has broken for a new organics recycling facility. This facility is the second step in providing fertilizers from organic recycling for residents and the communities as a whole. Back in 2012, the city of Haines upgraded their wastewater treatment process to give the biosolids produced a Class AA/EQ rating. That first part is allowing this second facility to combine the Class AA/EQ status biosolids and other organic waste from the communities to create a usable fertilizer. NuTerra has worked on both phases of the project. More>>

Sudbury sludge dumping stops in Lively, with opening of biosolids plant
For years, biosolids have been dumped in a pond near Sudbury, Canada. The smell only got worse over the years, and with enough public outcry the city started planning for a biosolid plant. The new plant treats the biosolids, allowing it to be used as a fertilizer for barren lands from mining pollution in an attempt to "regreen" them. The $63 million plant was completed on schedule and on budget, coming on line last week. More>>

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State LRA Meetings are held every 4 weeks on Thursdays from 2-3pm ET. (Every 2 weeks for federal activities) More>>

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The ABC Marketing and Education meets monthly on Friday from 1-2 PM ET. This meeting was rescheduled from May 15th. More>>

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The Operators Working Group meets from 11AM-12PM ET the first Thursday of every month. More>>

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting (Federal Activities)
Federal LRA Meetings are held every 2 weeks on Thursdays from 2-3pm ET. (Every 4 weeks for state activities) More>>

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