Why join the American Biogas Council?

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We are the only trade association championing the entire biogas industry – working on behalf of manufacturers, policy-makers, digestion operators, RNG suppliers, and more across America.

Drive Policy

We deliver an active and wide-ranging state and federal policy program, giving our members a voice with the nation’s decision-makers.

Market your Business

Use ABC to market your organization’s capabilities directly to other ABC members and the public at large


Engage through our committees

Solve Specific Issues Affecting your Business. ABC committees address the most critical issues that impact members’ businesses.

Access Industry Intelligence

We keep members up-to-date with the latest news, developments and resources within a fast-moving industry.

Membership Benefits

Policy Advocacy 

  • Federal Policy: Make sure federal policies support the growth of your business. With a our federal policy team lobbying in DC and our member-led Policy Committee, ABC is dedicated to advocating new and current bills for federal funding, tax credits and other incentives supporting your biogas business.
  • State Policy: Know some state legislation that would hurt or help your business? Share it with ABC staff so we can advocate on behalf of your company and other businesses who might be impacted. Got project development interests in the Mid-Atlantic? Join our Mid-Atlantic chapter. Meanwhile, ABC Staff and member leaders are pushing to get renewable gas standards, organics recycling laws, low carbon fuel standards and biogas-electricity incentives in place in select states around the country. 

  • Participate in Lobbying Days
    Meet with the DC policymakers that affect your biogas business. Throughout the year we have days set aside to meet with various government agencies and elected officials. All members are welcome. Each year, we encourage members to join us for 2 days of meetings with key Hill policy makers and your Congressional representatives plus social events to network with your fellow members.

  • Weekly Washington Update
    All members of the Policy Committee receive this weekly email updates and all members can view past updates in the Members Area under “Policy Committee.”
    • Post your company news and announcements directly on our home and news web pages, and in our weekly newsletter that is shared with our entire mailing list! Email us your news and it will show as “Featured News” in ABC’s Biogas News.
    • Post company events like groundbreakings on ABC’s biogas industry calendar
    • Present at one of our workshops
    • Highlight a project or expertise on one of our webinars
    • Access our network of over 15,000 biogas industry stakeholders
    • Use the ABC logo in your email signature and in marketing materials to give your company additional credibility and show you’re a part of the leading biogas trade association in the U.S.
    • Use the spreadsheet of primary representatives to every ABC member company to build partnerships, seek advice or market your products and services
    • Pay discounted rates on advertising on the ABC website and Biogas News e-newsletter
    • Pay discounted rates to “rent” the ABC mailing list to send a direct email to 15,000+ biogas stakeholders and market your products and services

    Questions? Contact staff at [email protected].

    Get involved in one of our member-led committees to shape the organization and the direction of the biogas industry. 

    • Policy Committee
    • Operations and Maintenance Committee
    • Digestate Certification Working Group
    • eRIN
    • RNG

    Learn more here

    • Biogas Industry Directory: The ABC Biogas Industry Directory on the ABC website includes contact information and company profiles for every member of the American Biogas Council. Use it to contact fellow members and for potential customers to find you. The ABC represents over 200 organizations. Members receive a password to access contact information.
    • ABC Member Alerts: On top of our weekly newsletter, members receive alerts with exclusive information about anything from legislative updates to funding opportunities. 
    • Free access to all webinars and recordings, past and present
    • Discounts to major industry events and all ABC workshops
    • Funding Opportunities: Funding opportunities are available to members only, through Member Alerts and anytime on the members only site.
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    Membership Categories

    Sustaining Membership

    Sustaining members receive an automatic seat on the Board of Directors for each year their organization is a member at this level. Any organization may join at this level instead of one of the levels listed below. Join >>

    • $15,300
    Industry, International and Renewable Energy Organizations

    Includes Equipment Companies, Operators, Current and Future Plant Owners and Feedstock Providers (including agricultural growers, producers and processors), Contractors, Renewable Energy Customers, including Utility & Pipeline companies. US Biogas-Related Revenue (most recent full year); includes gas sales, electricity sales, service sales, sale of equipment, operations and maintenance fees. Join >>

    • $14,400 ($40.0 Million+ in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
    • $11,300 ($10-$40 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
    • $6,400 ($2.5-$10 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
    • $3,200 ($1-$2.5 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
    • $2,400 (0-$1 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
    • $1,000 (Distributor/Dealer – not eligible to vote. Applicants must confirm that their organization distributes and/or vends products supplied by a current ABC member.)
    • $700 (Farmers and Sole Proprietors with North American Biogas-related Revenue < $500k)
    Supporting Industry
    • $2,400 (Media, Law Firms, Financiers, Engineering, and Accounting Firms)
    Public, Academic and Not-for-Profit Organizations

    (Dues in this category will not be used for lobbying.)

    • $1,000 (Not-for-Profits, Academic Institutions)
    • $700 (Public Entities, Federal/State/Local Government Agencies, Municipalities etc.)(Other Individuals in Not-for-Profit Sector)
    • $500 (Other Individuals in Not-for-Profit Sector)
    • $75 (Students: non-voting)


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