On Demand Workshop: Odor Management At Anaerobic Digestion Facilities

This workshop was originally held at BioCycle East Coast 17 on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. 

“Definitely worth the price to attend. I actually want to have this available every year, so having it on-demand is perfect.” -workshop attendee

“I thought the workshop was great! At the conference, they covered a wide variety of topics, but I got the most out of a long day looking at just one topic that is crucial to the success of the company- odor. The workshop was well put together with a good balance of expert knowledge and interesting stories from people who have experienced problems with odor.” -workshop attendee

Organized by BioCycle and American Biogas Council
Learn odor management for digesters. This workshop is a first of its kind for the AD biogas industry and has been customized to give exceptional value to biogas project developers and operators. Topics covered include: Odor sources at anaerobic digestion (AD) plants; Odor control technologies; Management strategies to minimize odors; Case studies at farm and centralized AD facilities; How to develop proactive odor management outreach programs.



[7:28] Workshop Overview
Craig Coker, BioCycle and Bernie Sheff, American Biogas Council

[49:14] Odor Science 101 (+Q&A after the presentation)
Craig Coker, BioCycle

[47:38] Odors, Perception and the Human Olfaction Factor (+Q&A after the presentation)
Pamela Dalton, Monell Chemical Senses Center

[3:46] Introduction of Workshop Attendees

[32:25] Sources of Odors at AD Facilities (+Q&A after the presentation)
Paul Greene, CDM Smith

[31:58] Regulatory and Legal Perspectives (+Q&A after the presentation)
Michael Lannan, Tech Environmental, Inc. 

[32:12] Management Strategies to Minimize Odors (+Q&A after the presentation)
Bernie Sheff, ES Engineering Services

[35:14] Odor Control Vendor Lightning Round #1

[30:46] Odor Control Technologies (+Q&A after the presentation)
Bernie Sheff, ES Engineering Services

[1:12:36] Facility Case Studies (+Q&A after each case study)

  • Facility Study and Odor Mitigation Study Nate Carr, quasar energy group
  • Facility Case Study, Heartland Biogas Facility (CO), Bob Yost, A1 Organics
  • Facility Case Study, Napolean biogas (OH) Lauren Toretta, CH4 Biogas 

[47:46] Odor Communications