Digester Operator Certification

The American Biogas Council’s (ABC’s) Digester Operator Certification elevates the knowledge of anaerobic digester operators to optimize digester performance and avoid costly operational mistakes. To complete Operator Certification, operators must complete three parts:

    9-Part Training Course

    To complete the training for ABC Operator Certification, operators must complete ABC Operator School.  The full course includes 18 subjects critical to successful digester operation: fundamentals of anaerobic digestion, 4 steps of digestion, vocabulary, AD tests and reactor types, applying the fundamentals to operations, understanding and predicting upsets, math for digesters, mechanical systems, performing daily site checks, preventative maintenance plans, hydraulics (pumps, mixers, etc.), lab testing-what does it all mean?, odor management/prevention, safety, gas utilization, H2S removal, RNG production, and engines.  To register for the next course and find out more, visit: https://americanbiogascouncil.org/operator-training/

    Proof of Operations Experience

    To be eligible for ABC Operator Certification, operators must show proof of 2,000 hours (about 1-year) of experience in an operations role for one or more anaerobic digesters. To prove your hours, you will need to provide two documents:

    1. The first document must be a letter from a supervisor indicating that you have completed 2,000 or more hours at a digester facility. This document must contain contact information of your supervisor.
    2. The second document can be one of these two types:
      1. A timesheet or record of hours
      2. A second letter from a different supervisor or digester employee. This letter would also need to include contact information for the second supervisor or digester employee.

    To check if other documentation is allowable, please email info@americanbiogascouncil.org.

    Operator’s Exam

    ABC’s Operators Exam has 3-parts and is administered after the above requirements have been met.  The exam tests operators on critical knowledge needed to operator a digester safely and productively. The best study materials for the exam are those distributed during Operator School. The three parts of the exam include:

    1. Safety (20 multiple choice questions)
    2. Digester Operations (45 multiple choice questions)
    3. Math (12 open questions)

    Ready to get certified? Apply today:

    Tracks to Certification

    1. All Virtual

    We hold a 100% virtual Operator School every February that includes Modules 1-9 over the course of 5 sessions.

    2. In Person at BIOGAS AMERICAS (May) Combined With Virtual Modules 

    We host an Operator School the first two days of BIOGAS AMERICAS (May) which will cover 6 of the required 9 modules. You would fulfill the other 3 modules through the virtual Operator School option held in February.

    3. In Person at University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Combined With Virtual Modules

    Complete Modules 1-8 in person at University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh in August and complete Module 9 virtually in February.