Operator School

ABC’s Operator School is an intensive 25-hour course taught by a team of operations experts which covers all parts of operating farm-based, wastewater and food waste anaerobic digesters. Upon completion, operators will know how to run their systems more profitably and avoid costly, and sometimes smelly, mistakes. Classes will be taught virtually until further notice using the ABC’s interactive conference platform.

February (virtual), May (in-person), August (in-person)

Biogas Business School

As you design new biogas systems, it’s critical to accurately assess risk and safety to make sure your system runs at optimal efficiency while minimizing the risk of downtime and operational issues that can dramatically impact profitability.  In the workshop, all attendees–project developers, investors, underwriters, engineers and more–will learn how to conduct Process Safety Management, which covers impacts within the facility, and a Risk Management Plan, which people and the environment outside your facility.  The training will be punctuated by lots of colorful project examples and case studies.

Dates, TBA

Odor Management at Anaerobic Digestion Facilities 

Learn odor management for digesters. This workshop is a first of its kind for the AD biogas industry and has been customized to give exceptional value to biogas project developers and operators. Topics covered include: Odor sources at anaerobic digestion (AD) plants; Odor control technologies; Management strategies to minimize odors; Case studies at farm and centralized AD facilities; How to develop proactive odor management outreach programs.

On Demand

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