2019 Strategies

1. Grow The US Biogas Industry
– Help members maximize the value of energy and environmental commodity
– Create favorable federal and state policy for constructing new biogas systems
– Reduce obstacles that currently slow down the pace of project development
– Increase the market value and awareness of digestate and digestate-derived
2. Expand The Impact Of The ABC
– Further solidify ABC’s role as the clearinghouse for information on the US
biogas industry
– Expand ABC membership to underrepresented sectors and better represent
the breadth of the biogas industry
– Create virtual and in-person events for members to convene to share
knowledge and develop new business relationships
3. Improve Digester Operations
– Offer the premier training program for digester operators
– Offer operator certification

The mission of the American Biogas Council is to create jobs, environmental sustainability and energy independence by growing the American biogas industry.

2019 Tactics

Federal and State Policy 

Education and Outreach

Renewable Natural Gas

Digestate Certification 


Operations & Maintenance  


– Produce a Capitol Hill Fly-In for Members in May in Washington, DC
– Take federal policy actions to produce a better climate for developing biogas projects with particular
attention to the RFS, Tax, and Farm Bill
– Activate the electric vehicle pathway in the RFS
– Work with EPA, USDA, other federal agencies, and Congress to improve registration and administration of
the RFS for D3 and D5 RIN generation
– Work with Treasury to eliminate the tax charged to gas interconnections
– Actively fight for NGV parity with EVs in federal policy
– Collect data from members on where business development interests are strongest to be able to target ABC
members who can help influence certain policymakers
– Increase impact of ABC by aligning with like-minded orgs where possible to achieve policy objectives
– Take actions to encourage more states to adopt LCFS standards to expand the carbon markets
– Put new organics recycling policies in place, focusing on state policy, rather than local policy.
– Engage with WA, OR and ID to develop a reasonable state-wide/multi-state gas quality standard
– Support the introduction of new state legislation in North Carolina, Iowa, and elsewhere as needed
– Respond to member requests for engagement on state policy issues that come up throughout the year
– Link with state-level biogas organizations
– Support policies to achieve NGV and EV parity
– Create a members-only resource for state-level biogas policies
– Upgrade the biogas project database to be an external communication tool on the state of the
industry and an internal tool to monitor industry growth
– Create webinars and workshops to share knowledge relevant to biogas project development
– Upgrade the educational tools on ABC’s website as a resource to policymakers, potential
biogas customers and the general public
– Create a presence for biogas at related industry events (e.g., WEFTEC, Residuals and Biosolids
– Promote industry adopted terms and definitions for wider use in industry and policy
– Make a database of BMPs available to members
– Engage on gas pipeline interconnection issues, including education
– Create biogas LCFS guides for dummies
– Support the effort to create a marketplace, including credits, for
voluntary RNG purchases
– Promote consumer-level RNG sales from gas utilities like VT Gas
– Create a connection between state agencies on RNG so the
knowledgeable can help educate the less knowledgeable
– See other RNG related tactics under Policy
– Encourage greater participation in the ABC’s digestate certification
program by current and new users
– Promote the production of certified digestate by the programs
-Expand the locations and frequency of digester operator training
-Create an operator certification program