Biogas Business School

Presented by Montrose Environmental Group

12:30 – 4:45pm ET Daily | Online | $300
November 17-18, 2020

As you design new biogas systems, it’s critical to accurately assess risk and safety to make sure your system runs at optimal efficiency while minimizing the risk of downtime and operational issues that can dramatically impact profitability.  In the workshop, all attendees–project developers, investors, underwriters, engineers and more–will learn how to conduct Process Safety Management, which covers impacts within the facility, and a Risk Management Plan, which people and the environment outside your facility.  The training will be punctuated by lots of colorful project examples and case studies.

Topics covered

  • The 14 elements of Process Safety Management-PSM (OSHA) for people within the facility. PSM covers designing owning and operating a process that’s hazardous
  • Risk Management Plan-RMP, which is EPA’s version of PSM for people outside the facility
  • Process Hazard Analysis-PHA, one of the 14 elements within PSM and RMP
  • Where do EPA, OSHA, and DOT have jurisdiction relative to your site? 
  • Know your threshold quantities and either design to be under them or plan to exceed them.
  • Lessons learned from inherited design and operational issues over the past 5 years


November 17

  • Networking
  • Introductions
  • PSM/RMP Overview, Richard Kepp
  • Case studies: Tank design, flare design, low pressure gas piping system, Aaron Parker and Dr. Alina Cole 

November 18

  • Networking
  • How to use AgSTAR’s AD Risk Analysis Checklist, Vanessa McKinney
  • Implications on Operations: the intersection of engineering and operations, hog manure project, Jody Jackson
  • Engineering: PHA, What can be done? How to do it? Methodology Overview, pros and cons to using different methodologies, Aaron Parker and Dr. Alina Cole


  • Jody Jackson, CSP, Vice President Healthy, Safety & Environmental, Montrose Environmental Group
  • Richard Kepp, Safety Director, Montrose Environmental Group
  • Alina Cole, PhD, Project Engineer, Montrose Environmental Group
  • Aaron Parker, PE, Project Engineer, Montrose Environmental Group
  • Vanessa McKinney, Program Manager, US EPA AgSTAR