November 13, 2023 – WASHINGTON – The American Biogas Council (ABC) announced that Bloom Energy, a leader in distributed, clean energy generation, has renewed its role as title sponsor for BIOGAS AMERICAS 2024. BIOGAS AMERICAS—ABC’s annual conference and is the largest biogas conference and tradeshow in North America—will be in Savannah, Ga., May 13-16, 2024.

Founded in 2001, Bloom Energy has a long history of innovation and commitment to sustainability and energy abundance. Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) provide an electrochemical pathway to convert biogas into electricity without burning fuel, producing carbon-neutral electricity with negligible air pollution and water usage. This advanced technology exhibits the highest electrical efficiency among commercially available technologies, and it produces the maximum amount of electricity from a fixed volume of biogas. Additionally, Bloom’s SOFCs running on pipeline gas or other fuels can be deployed onsite at biogas to RNG and other renewable fuel projects to provide highly reliable, low carbon intensity process energy for these projects and usually at a much faster timeframe than traditional utilities.

“We are thrilled for Bloom Energy’s continued support of BIOGAS AMERICAS. Bloom Energy’s fuel cells and electrolyzers represent the changing future of energy and the diversity of the biogas industry,” said Patrick Serfass, executive director of ABC. “We are proud to feature Bloom Energy as a leader in the growing biogas industry, providing predictable and reliable energy while shrinking carbon emissions.”

The biogas industry is one of the fastest-growing energy sectors in the United States. Today, the U.S. has more than 2,300 sites producing biogas in 50 states, and the country has the potential to build 15,000+ new biogas systems, which would create significant economic, environmental and energy benefits.

“Biogas is a pivotal solution in the clean energy mix,” says Ivor Castelino, managing director of waste-to-energy at Bloom Energy and member of ABC’s Board of Directors. “Through our partnerships with industry leaders to deploy our proven energy platform, Bloom Energy is committed to harnessing biogas to reduce emissions, promote energy resilience, and advance sustainable energy. We are honored to be a title sponsor again of the largest gathering of biogas industry professionals, and we look forward to connecting with industry leaders to share insights and innovative ideas.”

BIOGAS AMERICAS provides an opportunity to meet and network with nearly 2,000 like-minded leaders and decision-makers across the industry. Conference registration information is at

Learn more about more about Bloom Energy by visiting and connect with representatives at BIOGAS AMERICAS in May.


About the American Biogas Council
The American Biogas Council is the voice of the U.S. biogas industry dedicated to maximizing carbon reduction and economic growth using biogas systems. The ABC represents more than 370 companies in all parts of the biogas supply chain who are leading the way to a better future by maximizing all the positive environmental and economic impacts biogas systems offer when they recycle organic material into renewable energy and soil products. Learn more online at, Twitter @ambiogascouncil, and LinkedIn.

About Bloom Energy
Bloom Energy empowers businesses and communities to responsibly take charge of their energy. The company’s leading solid oxide platform for distributed generation of electricity and hydrogen is changing the future of energy. Fortune 100 companies around the world turn to Bloom Energy as a trusted partner to deliver lower carbon energy today and a net-zero future. For more information, visit