The American Biogas Council’s Executive Director, Patrick Serfass, has been visiting biogas systems this week in Denmark and reports that it’s truly been impressive how well they are integrated into Danish society—even the cashier at a clothing store he visited knew what biogas is. Anaerobic digesters play a key role in recycling Denmark’s 13 million tons/year of organic material; the digested material returns a similar volume of natural fertilizer to Danish agricultural land, recycling nutrients and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers; and the #RNG has already replaced 30% of all gas in Denmark with the goal of reaching 70% in the next few years–maybe 100% by 2028.

The ABC would like to thank the Trade Council of Denmark in North America – Energy and Environment for organizing this opportunity to learn from and collaborate with leading Danish companies like: Nature Energy, Landia, Bigadan, Novozymes, Ammongas, Biogasclean, Renew Energy, Grainit, and more. If you’d like to see the photos and video from the trip, search for #biogasroadtrip on Twitter. There will me more posts next week. More >>