Developed countries continue to consume huge amounts of energy while demand is increasing in developing countries. The smart cities that we strive to build require a massive power supply. The significant rise in energy consumption raises concern over the sustainability of the current energy sources most of which are non-renewable. Solutions that enable us to switch from non-renewable to clean and renewable energy have become so crucial for the world.

As a leading provider of technology solutions for green energy ABC member, DMT Clear Gas Solutions, is well positioned to help organizations that are increasingly interested in building a sustainable future. With over 30 years experience delivering service excellence in the field of biogas upgrading, desulfurization, waste water treatment and resource recovery, the company has become a reliable solutions provider for green energy. DMT is not only empowering customers to make a contribution to the environment, but it also enables them to do it in a profitable way. Robert Lems, CEO of DMT Clear Gas Solution, says, “While the technologies we develop and implement solve critical environmental issues, our solutions also provide a profitable ROI.” More >>