The U.S. EPA last Friday released the 2020 fuel targets for the Renewable Fuel Standard known as the renewable volume obligation (RVO). More than 11 years have passed since Congress included electricity from renewable feedstocks as a qualifying fuel in the program, and yet again EPA has ignored electricity in its RVO… “By failing to include electricity in the RFS, the EPA continues to disregard biogas producers who make renewable electricity, including dozens of facilities in the farming community,” said Patrick Serfass, executive director of American Biogas Council. “The EPA has recognized that powering an electric vehicle with biomass is 96 percent less carbon emitting than using gasoline in a traditional engine and with biogas provides a host of additional benefits. It’s time for EPA to process the applications already submitted and allow these renewable electricity projects to create new revenue streams and jobs, while they also decarbonize our transportation sector.” More >>