A Northeast company brings anaerobic digestion and renewable energy to the feedstock sources in Ohio and New York State. Napoleon Biogas, LLC processes organic waste from a neighboring Campbell Soup Company plant in Napoleon, Ohio. Underground pipes transport the organics from the plant to the digester (shown in foreground; biogas storage unit on right).
Western New York is one of the top dairy-producing regions in the U.S. The by-products of making milk, cream, yogurt and other dairy products have certain characteristics that make them ideal fuel for anaerobic digesters designed to produce methane gas for the generation of electricity. “Dairy waste tends to have high fat and high protein content, and high acidity. The acidity is a problem when disposing of the material by land application, but not for digester systems like ours,” says Lauren Toretta, president of Greenwich, Connecticut-based CH4 Biogas, LLC (ABC member). CH4, founded in 2008, has been focused on developing anaerobic digestion facilities that can consume food waste and make biogas to generate electricity. More >>