ABC Member Webinar: “Fuel Blending: Maximizing Benefits for Biogas Operations”

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Biogas power and cogeneration applications can provide a range of economic and environmental benefits - facility cost improvements (when compared to procuring energy for power and thermal needs), reduction in overall carbon/environmental footprint, resiliency, etc. However, it is a fuel that can present a degree of variance and availability during operation - variability in waste type, environmental conditions, […]

Biogas Business School

As you design new biogas systems, it’s critical to accurately assess risk and safety to make sure your system runs at optimal efficiency while minimizing the risk of downtime and operational issues that can dramatically impact profitability.  In the workshop, all attendees–project developers, investors, underwriters, engineers and more–will learn how to conduct Process Safety Management, […]

ABC’s Operator School: Live Online

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ABC’s Operator School: Live Online  ABC Operator School Fall Virtual Sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays | February 2-25 (except February 16), 2020 | 1-4 PM ET daily This coming February, ABC is offering our full ABC Operator School program, designed to help operators optimize their biogas systems and reduce costly mistakes. Students will attend seven afternoon […]