Achieving Routine RNG Interconnection Processes for Utilities

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RNG interconnection started in 1982 but has experienced a strong acceleration in the last couple years thanks mostly to policy. Still, only 100 projects have connected to the natural gas grid. What can be done to make interconnection more routine for utilities and what can the utilities with little experience with RNG learn from those […]

Managing Animals & Energy: Swine, Dairy, Poultry & Beef

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Dairy farms aren't the only agricultural operations clammering to turn their manure into biogas. The hog and poultry industries are beginning to see a boom in biogas system development. What's driving this renaissance and what are the biggest challenges for farmers to manage both their animal operations and renewable energy production? Speakers: Bryan Sievers, AgriReNew […]

Healthy Soil, Healthy Business

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The digested material from anaerobic digesters is the industry's most undervalued asset. But nutrient runoff, converting brownfield sites, and burgeoning markets for organically produced soil products is changing that. Learn from the companies who are on the leading edge and are creating healthy businesses from creating healthy soil. Speakers: Mark Stoermann, Newtrient Rudi Roeslein, Roeslein […]

The Rising Renewable Gas Market: H2, RNG, P2G

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The renewable gas industry includes much more than biogas and renewable natural gas. Markets have emerged for renewable hydrogen and several different ways to connect biogas, hydrogen, and excess solar/wind under the umbrella of power-to-gas. Where is the market growing fastest and where will the next opportunities be? Speakers: Bill Zobel, California Hydrogen Business Council […]

Biogas’ Role on the Path to Electrification

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On the search for lower carbon energy, environmentalists and policymakers are driving the creating of narrow, electricity-only policies. However, real life is more complicated than these simple policies, especially when one looks closely at the transit, trucking, waste management, and state regulations. What role should renewable natural gas play? Can it help if the path […]

Evaluating Project Risk and Derisking O&M for Reliable Production

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How does the industry derisk projects through best practices, safety, and operations and maintenance? How risky is policy? As the biogas market continues to expand, more financiers and underwriters are entering the market. All of them need to evaluate how risky a biogas project might be to price their services. And in parallel, how can […]

Strategies to Finance the Next 100 Biogas Projects

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In an actively moderated discussion with experienced CEOs, banks, and equity investors, this session dives deal structuring and strategies that will create a stronger return profile than even simpler renewable energy projects. The speakers will cover utilizing incentives alongside traditional project finance, deal structures, how to handle contracted cash flows and counterparties, structuring offtake agreements, […]

RIN Value & LCFS Outlook for 2020

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The California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and federal Renewable Fuel Standard are driving project development in the biogas industry today. In this session, our experts will use their best analytical tools, industry intelligence and crystal balls to tell you what they expect to see over the next several months with both of these programs so […]

Off-takers & Brokers: Who Do You Need to Make the Sale?

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For most RNG policies, like the LCFS and RFS, you have to get your gas from your biogas system to vehicles. But what happens in between? If you have too many steps in the middle, profits decrease. But those in the middle provide important value that can save you time and increase the final price […]

Optimize RNG Production using Drylet’s Biocatalyst

Learn about how Drylet's award-winning solution boosts the biological process at work in biodigesters to overcome the hydrolysis limitations with no change to your operations and no upfront costs. Case studies will be presented, demonstrating a 20% to 30+% boost to biogas generation (gas composition unchanged) and enhanced biosolids reduction within a month. No impact […]

ABC Member Webinar: “Fuel Blending: Maximizing Benefits for Biogas Operations”

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Biogas power and cogeneration applications can provide a range of economic and environmental benefits - facility cost improvements (when compared to procuring energy for power and thermal needs), reduction in overall carbon/environmental footprint, resiliency, etc. However, it is a fuel that can present a degree of variance and availability during operation - variability in waste type, environmental conditions, […]

Making RNG from Biogas: Stories from Wärtsilä Puregas North America [ABC Sponsored Webinar]

Federal and state government incentives in the United States are driving biogas producers to consider upgrading their biogas. The uniqueness of each biogas project makes it a challenge to determine the best gas upgrading technology for the given situation. In this webinar, Wärtsilä experts explain the chemical absorption process and case studies from Wärtsilä Puregas' 20 year history implementing these systems. […]