In an effort to look at how mature, more traditional brands are bringing major innovation to our daily lives, I spoke to David Darr, senior vice president and chief strategy and sustainability officer for Dairy Farmers of America…Fromm: DFA has a Gold Standard Dairy program where you visit farmers and track and benchmark best practices on sustainability. Would it be possible for you to share some individual stories? Darr: I can think of members of ours in Western New York, the Noble family, that are the seventh generation on the same farm and multiple generations in the dairy industry and dairy business. As they’ve continued to look for ways to grow their family operation and to bring future generations back to the dairy and farming operations, they’ve invested in anaerobic digesters to produce electricity and renewable energy. They went steps further than that and are actually, in their communities and across parts of New York, bringing in food waste from retailers and other food manufacturers to repurpose that through their anaerobic digesters and keep it out of landfills. It’s allowing them to create more jobs in their communities. It’s allowing them to grow their family business. More >>