QED Environmental Systems welcomes Chancellor Philip Hammond’s commitment to decarbonise gas supplies by increasing the proportion of green gas in the National Grid. Amidst the waves of positivity that have swept through the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry following this announcement, QED urges AD plant operators and biogas professionals to consider monitoring green gas as a key priority.

The use of gas analysers in AD plants has sometimes been regarded as a ‘nice to have’ – but in reality, analysers are an essential piece of equipment for the safety of a plant and help improve and optimise its biological performance.

As well as improving gas quality, there is an important safety aspect to using gas analysers. Hydrogen sulphide released in the AD process can often damage expensive plant equipment and can be harmful to human health, so ensuring gas is monitored and kept at a low level is vital. AD plants also need to be aware of the oxygen concentrations within systems, too much can have disastrous consequences with the potential for explosion. More >>