The O’Brien County Board of Supervisors gave its blessing Tuesday, Feb. 2, for Roorda Dairy west of Paullina to build a manure digester structure within the setback of Oak Hill Avenue’s right of way. Rowe and Roorda are collaborating on the project with Brightmark, a San Francisco-based global waste solutions company that specializes in renewable natural gas and plastics, and an ABC member. The issue with the digester project at Roorda Dairy is its planned location: It would be west of the dairy’s free stall barn to the east of Oak Hill Avenue, which Rowe said would allow it to easily tie into the existing manure system. “Unfortunately, that puts us about 30 feet into the 100-foot setback to the road right of way,” Rowe said. “That’s why I’m looking to hopefully get a waiver to build that within that 100-foot setback.” More >>