List of Biogas-Related Acronyms

ADCAlternative daily cover
BDBig Daddy (Bernie Sheff)
BMPBiochemical Methane Potential
BNRBiological Nutrient Removal
BODBiochemical Oxygen Demand
BTUBritish Thermal Units
CEPTChemically Enhanced Primary Treatment
CFCubic Feet
CH4(chemical formula for) Methane
CHPCombined Heat and Power
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
CO2(chemical formula for) Carbon Dioxide
CODChemical Oxygen Demand
CSTRContinuously Stirred Tank Reactor/ Total Mix Digester
DAFDissolved Air Floatation
FOGFats, oils, and grease
FSFixed Solids
GGEGallon of gasoline equivalent
ICEInternal combustion engine
HRTHydraulic Retention Time
HSADHigh Solids Anaerobic Digestion
kWhKilowatt hour
MGDMillion Gallons per Day
MHIMultiple Hearth Incinerator
MMBTUMillion British Thermal Units
MSSMarin Sanitation Service
MSWMunicipal Solid Waste
MWhMegawatt Hour
NH3(chemical formula for) Ammonia
OLROrganic Loading Rate
O&MOperations and Maintenance
pHMeasure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, 1-14 (<7 = acidic;>7=alkaline/basic)
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PPAPower purchase agreement
RFSRenewable Fuel Standard
RINRenewable Identification Number
RNGRenewable Natural Gas
RVORenewable Volume Obligations
SRBSulfate-reducing Bacteria
SRTSolid Retention Time
TDSTotal Dissolved Solids
THPThermal Hydrolysis Process
TKTotal Potassium
TNTotal Nitrogen
TPTotal Phosphorus
TSTotal Solids
TSSTotal Suspended Solids
TWASThickened Waste Activated Sludge
UASBUpflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket
VAVolatile Acids
VFAVolatile Fatty Acids
VFDVariable Frequency Drive
VSVolatile Solids
WRRFWater Resource Recovery Facility
WWTFWastewater Treatment Facility