For some time, anaerobic digesters for nutrient management and clean energy have been discussed and utilized. However, much of the dairy industry is still unfamiliar with these beneficial systems…“Anaerobic digester systems are a key tool for sustainable manure management. They can create additional value from an already valuable resource: manure,” says Nicholas Elger, who has managed the EPA’s AgSTAR Program for five years. “From an environmental perspective, they can reduce air pollution by capturing methane gas that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere.” … For all their benefits and versatility, there are still issues to be worked through in making digesters more mainstream in dairy and associated industries. “I think the biggest issue is really just lack of awareness,” says Patrick Serfass of the American Biogas Council. “It’s one of those things where if you’re a farmer and you don’t have a neighbor [who] has a digester [who] you can talk to. I think there’s just a lack of understanding about the benefits and what it takes to operate a biogas system.” More >>