Thank you American Biogas Council members for taking action to make New York the 7th state to pass an organics recycling law! Thank you Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Kaminsky and Assemblyman Englebright for your leadership. What’s in the law? Any food waste generator, within twenty-five miles of an organics recycling facility (biogas or compost system), must separate food scraps from other solid waste by doing the following: – ensure proper storage for food scraps on site which shall preclude such materials from becoming odorous or attracting vectors – have information available and provide training for employees concerning the proper methods to separate and store food scraps – Any food generator that generates an average of two tons per week of food scraps must either: (1) hire a hauler (2) Self-haul its food scraps, or (3) provide for on-site organics recycling. The ABC sees a huge potential for project development in New York! More >>