Bristola’s Patented Tank Entry Technology – Save Time, Save Money, Save Lives

March 8, 2023

An average of 100 confined space related deaths occur each year in workplaces in the United States. Bristola’s CEO and Founder, Jared Burma, had a personal near-death experience working in confined spaces which has resulted in him dedicating his company’s resources and research to establishing confined space cleaning processes that eliminate human exposure hours while increasing the likelihood of a more functional system for the end user. This near-death experience led Jared and his company to develop a cleaning system which sends a remote-controlled submersible robot (the SRCS) through a patented entrance system directly into a confined space for cleaning and maintenance.

The SRCS allows the cleaning and inspection of tanks and covered lagoons without disruptions to their operational system. By utilizing Bristola’s patented SRCS cleaning and inspecting technology, digester tanks will become more efficient and cost-effective giving way to the better utilization of actual storage/processing which will improve the overall operation and long-term deployment of these facilities. The SRCS installs on new and existing tanks/lagoons and operates while tanks/lagoons remain in operation. With this proprietary technology, no human entry is required, and the overall optimal capacity is maintained. With no disruption in operations, there are significant environmental benefits as well because there is no release of methane gas during the tank facility cleaning and maintenance.

During this webinar, participants will learn more about this technology and see an actual deployment demonstration.

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Topics Covered

  • Bristola’s patented tank entry technology
  • Operation and explanation of the cleaning and inspection system
  • Various benefits of using the SRCS


  • Jared Burma, Bristola
  • Ian Dunlap, Bristola