RNG Lessons Learned from Denmark

August 4, 2022 

The Danish biogas industry has successfully transitioned from using locally sourced biogas to produce electricity to converting biogas into high-purity natural gas. Renewable natural gas (RNG), or biomethane as it’s called in Europe, is a substitute for conventional natural gas for vehicles or other purposes. This webinar will explore the central market drivers that enabled this transition and discuss lessons applicable to the US market.

Topics Covered

  • Market drivers to grow RNG/biomethane
  • Lessons learned in Denmark relevant to the US
  • Ammongas CO2 removal technology and case studies


  • Timothy Robinson, President, Clean Methane Systems LLC
  • Kristian Laursen, Business Developer & Pacific Asia Sales Manager, Ammongas
  • Michael Støckler, Senior Innovation Manager, Food & Bio Cluster