Announcing ABC's Carbon Accounting Methodology for Biogas Projects

April 3, 2024

This webinar reviews the final draft report produced by EcoEngineers and the American Biogas Council, outlining a Carbon Accounting Methodology for Biogas projects, with specific focus on addressing non-transportation end-use. The methodology builds upon existing compliance and voluntary carbon market methodologies to properly account for all life-cycle carbon emissions related to biogas production of any kind, and seeks to capture emission reductions not reflected in existing methodologies, and also to provide alternatives to current methods’ assumptions.

The technical team at EcoEngineers presents the methodology and rationale for the approach taken, with ample time for audience questions. This webinar is kick-off to an open, public comment period, seeking review and input.


  • Michael Welch, EcoEngineers
  • Zhichao Wang, EcoEngineers
  • Heather Dziedzic, ABC [Moderator]