ABC Webinar: Measuring the Carbon Impact of Biogas & RNG Projects

May 9, 2023

Biogas projects have always played an important role in the energy transition by recycling and reusing carbon and nutrients in waste materials. However, outside of the transportation sector in California, there is no accepted standard to measure the full carbon reduction benefits of all types of biogas projects.

The American Biogas Council has engaged EcoEngineers to write a carbon accounting methodology and associated protocols to measure, report, and validate the carbon reduction and removal embodied in typical biogas project outputs such as renewable natural gas (RNG), biogas electricity, and digestate. Such a methodology would make it easier for government and other bodies to understand the true carbon intensity of bigoas systems, and for industry to quantify and sell the environmental benefits derived from producing and using RNG, biogas electricity, and digestate.

In this webinar, EcoEngineers will give an overview of the project, the timeline, and deliverables and show members how they can provide input throughout the methodology development process.


From EcoEngineers:

  • Shashi Menon
  • Brad Pleima
  • Zach Van Cleave

Moderated by Patrick Serfass, ABC