Environmental Group Recognizes SoCalGas for Commitment to Affordable & Renewable Energy

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) today announced George Minter, the company’s regional vice president of external affairs & environmental policy, was named “Renewable Natural Gas Champion” by Climate Resolve, a  Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that focuses on local solutions to global climate change, Climate Resolve lauded Minter’s efforts to increase the use of renewable natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a way that benefits all people, including low income families. Minter was honored at Climate Resolve’s annual Coolest in LA Gala – a celebration of innovation in Southern California’s Fight Against Climate Change. More >>

California Refuse Vehicles Go Full Circle with Redeem RNG

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced an increased demand for renewable natural gas (RNG) from the refuse sector, particularly in California, where refuse trucks are fueled by the very solid waste they haul. The city of Fresno signed a two-year agreement with Clean Energy for renewable liquified natural gas (RLNG) to power approximately 140 refuse trucks with its Redeem brand RNG for an anticipated annual total of 1.6 million LNG gallons, the equivalent of just more than 1 million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs). Redeem is the first commercially available RNG vehicle fuel. It is derived from capturing biogenic methane that is naturally sourced by the decomposition of dairy and landfill waste. Redeem enables at least 70 percent reduction in carbon emissions when displacing diesel or gasoline, according to California Air Resources Board (CARB) estimates. More >>

Kings County, CA: Public Meeting About Dairy Biogas Project, March 19

*Members of the public who reside in the northeast area of Kings County, and anyone with an interest in agriculture and sustainable energy are invited to attend.  Dairy technology is advancing in the 21st century with the development of innovative wastewater treatment systems that eliminate greenhouse gases and nitrates, while producing renewable energy from methane. The latest technology is bringing long-term methane emission reductions to local dairies with the recent construction of a pilot digester project, and a full-size biogas renewable energy project planned for a dairy located northeast of Hanford. More >>

SDG&E and SoCalGas want to offer renewable natural gas to customers

Would you be willing to pay a few bucks more each month on your utility bill for natural gas that came from dairies, landfills and treatment facilities instead of conventional fossil fuel extraction methods? That’s what San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas are counting on as the two energy companies Thursday filed an application with the California Public Utilities Commission to establish a voluntary program that would allow residential and commercial customers to buy designated amounts of renewable natural gas each month. More >>

‘We View Manure as an Opportunity’: Companies Partner to Turn Hog Waste into Energy

While it may sound like a “stinky” proposition, some of the world’s biggest names in hogs and energy, say it’s far from that. In fact, to Smithfield Foods and Dominion Energy, converting hog manure to natural gas for powering homes and businesses has a sweet smell of success. “We’ve really made a commitment to look at new sustainable sources of energy,” Ryan Childress, manager of New Business Development at Dominion Energy, told CBN News. “We do a lot of solar, a lot of wind, and in the last year or so, we discovered renewable natural gas.” More >>

Envisioning A Future Where Garbage Trucks Run On Garbage

Almost 1.5 trillion pounds of trash enter our nation’s landfills. Every. Day.
When that garbage decomposes there is a build-up of methane, essentially potent greenhouse gases. Operators usually burn or ‘flare’ this gas before it enters the atmosphere. But now there is another solution to this problematic issue. In the article The H.W. Hill Renewable Gas Project: Using the mountains of things we throw away in Columbia Insight, Dac Collins reports on how landfill methane is captured and processed into renewable natural gas (RNG), a clean fuel that waste companies are using to power its vehicles. More >>

Moving Manure- Generating clean water from cow waste using nanofiltration & reverse osmosis

Ask dairy farmers what one of their most costly issues is and they will say managing their manure. Ask them what one of their greatest worries is—other than milk prices—and they will say cost-effectively managing manure in a sustainable and agronomic manner. These worries center on two aspects of manure management: long-term winter manure storage and later application to the crops. During the storage season, the slurry is mixed with precipitation and held in open-air tanks or lagoons. More >>

Studies indicate biochar in feed diets reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses from cattle

The University of Nebraska has conducted studies to evaluate the effects of biochar on digestibility and methane production in growing and finishing diets for cattle, Beef Feedlot Nutrition Specialist Galen Erickson told attendees at the 2019 Beef Feedlot Roundtable on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at the Prairie Winds Community Center. The studies are included in the 2019 Beef Cattle Report (http://extensionpublications.unl.edu/assets/pdf/mp106.pdf). Biochar is organic material burned at high temperatures in a lack of oxygen. It has been used in a number of applications from gardening to reclamation and remediation of lands. More >>

NEW ABC Digester Operator Training: Hog Country, NC, April 23-25

On April 23-25, join us in North Carolina’s hog country for ABC’s Digester Operator Training. This limited seating intensive class is designed for digester operators, operations managers and owners although all are welcome. Each day includes both classroom training and site visits where we plan to give students hands-on experience with common operational issues. Topics include the science, chemistry and math of AD with a focus on hog waste and RNG systems.

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