During the month of October, the American Biogas Council, will hold its Operator School, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from October 6-27. This is ABC’s full training for anyone in digester operations or ownership. Normally held over 5-full days in Oshkosh, WI, ABC Operator School has recently been upgraded AND moved virtual, including the tours! This is the complete training you need to satisfy your training requirement for ABC Operator Certification. Students will attend 7 afternoon sessions in October, covering 14 modules over 25 hours of training from expert operators. We’re especially excited to share our 360 degree tour of at least two digesters, run by the actual operators running those sites. Our virtual platform will allow you to video chat with instructors and fellow attendees face-to-face just by turning on your camera and microphone. No masks and no travel away from your site required! More >>