ABC Member Planet Found Energy Development, LLC (PFED), is soliciting Construction Management Agent of the owner (CMA) proposals for the construction of a new anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery facility to be located on an 8-10 acre parcel in Somerset County, Maryland. The facility will treat up to 30,000 short tons of combined poultry litter and dissolved air flotation poultry renderings annually, generating up to 14,500 m3/day of biogas that will, in turn, produce an estimated 1.0 MW of continuous electric power in conjunction with an estimated 2,300 m3/day of upgraded renewable natural gas. In addition, the facility will produce approximately 410 m3/day of agricultural and horticultural field amendments, potting soils and fertilizers to be marketed under PFED’s commercial brand line. The total cost of the project including all fees and owner expenses is $16,670,000. All work is to achieve substantial completion by June 1, 2022 and final completion by September 1, 2022. PFED intends to award the CMA contract to a qualified organization based on expertise, qualifications, cost and the requirements set forth within the request for proposals. Proposal due date: 5 PM EDT, November 11, 2020. More >>