Join the ABC in Ithaca, NY next week! Cornell University’s PRO-DAIRY Program is producing an shortcourse on anaerobic digestion January 15-16 called “Anaerobic Digestion Process Fundamentals and Management Shortcourse For Agricultural, Food Processing, Industrial and Municipal Operations.” The American Biogas Council is sponsoring the event. This two full day short course, led by recognized national leaders in AD, will provide participants with clarity about the underpinning operative microbiological populations and interactions that result in the desired product: Biomethane. Starting with the basics of anaerobic digestion microbiology, the course moves on to cover challenges and opportunities associated with maximizing microbiological degradation of varied sources of organic matter. Participants will learn not only what needs monitoring, but why. Important system design considerations that affect microbiological performance are included, and a light-hearted evening dinner session includes an open mic contest for participants to share digester stories, lessons learned, and ask questions. More >>