Last week, in front of the House of Representative’s Committee on Agriculture, the American Biogas Council’s Bryan Sievers and Mike McCloskey testified on the value of biogas systems and several federal programs including the Renewable Fuel Standard, tax credits, Farm Bill programs like REAP and EQIP and more. The hearing which was held by the Agriculture Committee’s SubCommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit focused on “On Farm energy Production: Impacts on Farm income and Rural Communities.” While we expected the hearing to be mostly about wind and solar, it was not. Mentions and discussions of anaerobic digesters, biogas and RNG featured prominently by our witnesses as well as several Democrat and Republican members of Congress. Bryan Sievers is an ABC DIrector and Owner of Sievers Family Farms in iowa. Dr. Mike McCloskey is Founder and Chairman of Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana.

To see the announcement about the hearing, click here.

To view the entire hearing, beginning with the the chairman’s and ranking member’s opening statements click here. To watch Mr. Sievers’ 5-min opening statement, click here. To view Dr. McCloskey’s 5-min opening statement, click here. Q&A begins here.

Bryan Sievers’ Written Testimony.

Mike McCloskey’s Written Testimony.