The HiCone progressive cavity pump, the first pump in its category to enable precise adjustments, is set for mass release in North America. This patented technology was designed to maintain consistent conveying capacity and pressure resistance while being energy efficient. The HiCone pump is suitable for applications in environmental wastewater applications, as well as most industrial settings. “Due to the conical shape of the rotor and stator, simple and exact adjustments are possible with the rotation of one adjusting nut. Inaccurate and inefficient external pressing and squeezing of the stator elastomer to ensure internal sealing is no longer necessary,” says Russ Boring, President at Vogelsang USA.

Long service life due to re-adjustment

This is made possible by the conical rotor-stator geometry. If a gap occurs between the rotor and stator as a result of wear, it can be compensated for during ongoing operation. The rotor is adjusted axially. The size of the conveying chambers, the conveying capacity, and the efficiency remain the same at the time of installation, ensuring constant conveying capacity with high efficiency. Instead of costly, time-consuming parts replacement, the HiCone can be simply and quickly re-adjusted, increasing its service life many times beyond conventional technology.

Precise adjustment to operating parameters

The smart adjustment system allows the HiCone to be individually adapted to the respective operating parameters, such as pressure and temperature, by optimally positioning the rotor and stator in relation to each other. Russ Boring: “In wastewater treatment plants, for example, the pumping technology must sometimes withstand high pressures. If the rotor and stator are ideally adjusted accordingly, the contact pressure between the conveying components, and thus the wear, is reduced to a minimum.” Furthermore: “In terms of energy efficiency, the HiCone’s smart adjustment system has another advantage, i.e., it requires less energy. The automatic start-up system enhances this effect.”

Energy efficiency due to minimal compression While static, the rotor and stator are positioned relative to each other to minimize compression between the two, requiring a smaller motor to start the pump as compared to a conventional progressive cavity pump. This greatly reduces the start-up torque of the pump, which in turn improves energy efficiency. With the automatic HiCone model, this start-up process is fully automatic without the need for additional control. At the push of a button or the click of a mouse, the compression between the rotor and stator can be regulated from the control room throughout the entire service life during operation and monitored for wear. This innovation ultimately makes it possible to predict and plan well in advance for the replacement of the rotor-stator package. In combination with Vogelsang’s integrated QuickService concept, the HiCone product is a durable, highly efficient pump technology. It can be flexibly readjusted to suit a broad range of pumping tasks and operating parameters, providing solutions for demanding applications.

More information, images, and video for HiCone can be found here.