A low carbon fuel bill passed the state House of Representatives Feb. 27 in a 52-46 vote with every Republican voting no. Its next stop is the Senate. The bill directs the Department of Ecology to institute rules that require refineries to produce fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, to have reduced greenhouse gas output over time. Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, D-West Seattle, the prime sponsor for the bill, said this credit system would make cleaner fuels cheaper for consumers. Those in favor of the bill, like Patrick Serfass, executive director of the American Biogas Council, argued the bill would actually provide economic growth. According to Serfass, Washington produces millions of tons of organic waste a year, most of which could be turned into biofuel. “Approving a policy like HB 1091 will incentivize new biogas systems to be built,” Serfass said. “Not only to produce the renewable fuel, but also to create the infrastructure to recycle all this organic material.” More >>