Avisen Legal is a law firm that serves the biogas industry. From dairy anaerobic digesters with gas cleanup injected into pipeline for LCFS and RIN value, to food waste systems for ITC and power production, Avisen Legal has worked on some of the most challenging and rewarding biogas projects in the U.S. and beyond. The Impact Counsel team at Avisen has represented developers, investors and other parties across the supply chain.

The Impact Counsel team at Avisen Legal knows the key factors needed to successfully execute a biogas project. Our experience spans contracting for feedstock, to developing off take agreements and construction contracting. We regularly provide Insight and advice on permitting, tax, and regulatory-related issues. We also have experience with capital structure execution for startup and infrastructure fund financing, bank and non-traditional debt, green bonds, Opportunity Zone financing, ITC financing, and New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) financing.

We are a team that is focused on the impact of your project on your business, and the impact it will have on your community and the world. Give us the opportunity to show what an experienced legal team that shares your passion for your project can do for you. More >>