FuelCell Energy is addressing the energy transition with a portfolio of technologies for hydrogen production. The company, based in Danbury, CT USA, provides power generation solutions based on carbonate fuel cell technology, and is also developing hydrogen production solutions based on carbonate cells and solid oxide electrolysis cells. FCE has introduced a carbonate based Trigeneration product that produces power, heat, and hydrogen from natural gas or biogas without water consumption. The first full scale commercial system with this technology is being built for Toyota at the Port of Long Beach, California for onsite vehicle fueling. FCE is also advancing the commercialization of its high temperature solid oxide electrolysis systems that produce hydrogen with high electrical efficiency and which can increase efficiency further by using waste heat. An additional hydrogen production technology the company has the ability to commercialize leveraging its existing carbonate fuel cells is a hybrid reforming/electrolysis system that uses carbonate fuel cell stacks in electrolysis mode, combined with in-stack reforming of natural gas or biogas to produce hydrogen while extracting carbon dioxide from the hydrogen stream. This technology called REP (for Reformer / Electrolysis / Purification) is particularly amenable to blue hydrogen production (hydrogen produced with carbon capture). This portfolio of technologies addresses a broad range of applications with the ability to maximize value depending on factors such as fuel availability and cost, power cost, and water consumption concerns. More >>