Iogen is a leader in developing technology to make clean burning, renewable cellulosic biofuels and biogas from agricultural residues, and other organic wastes.

We are currently a top 5 RIN generator in the US.

Iogen has been in the field for over 35 years; invested roughly $500 million in research, development and demonstration; and have over 300 issued and pending patents.

We are the world`s first company to successfully use modern “enzymatic hydrolysis” technology to produce commercial quantities of cellulosic ethanol for field demonstrations… beginning production in 2004.

We are one of the first companies to build and successfully start-up a fully commercial cellulosic ethanol facility, which we’ve done in collaboration with our partner Raizen Energia, Brazil’s largest sugar and ethanol producer. The facility is located adjacent to Raizen’s Costa Pinto sugar mill in Piracicaba, Brazil and began commercial production in 2014. More >>