LCFS Consulting Services, Inc. advises biofuels producers that are already LCFS regulated entities, or those considering becoming regulated entities, and their investors and other stakeholders.

We have been advising clients on the LCFS since its inception in 2011, and therefore have longtime relationships with staff and decision makers at CARB. That means our clients are able to get their questions and issues at the agency resolved expeditiously. And, of interest to ABC members, our specialty is RNG and other innovative biofuels.

Being able to generate valuable LCFS credits begins with getting the fuel pathway certified by CARB through the fuel pathway application (FPA) process based on the plant’s carbon intensity (CI), calculated on a “well-to-wheel” basis. Calculating the pathway’s CI and the FPA are highly technical processes, and we help producers to get through them as seamlessly as possible. After certification certain quarterly and annual reports are required, and we assist the companies with them as well.

For those biofuels producers going through the project development phase, we prepare “estimated carbon intensity reports” for them and their investors that can help guide the plant design process to get the best one from a CI standpoint.

And, with ESG issues assuming increasing importance with companies In addition to our services related to the FPA process, we provide LCFS and RFS training courses.

Our CEO, Nathalie Hoffman, is a certified LCFS verifier in addition to being a member of the California Bar. More >>