Monarch Bioenergy LLC is a developer, owner, and operator of one of the United States’ most extensive ultra-low carbon intensity (CI) renewable natural gas (RNG) platforms. Founded in 2018, Monarch was originally a joint venture between Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) and Smithfield Foods (Smithfield). RAE develops and operates renewable energy facilities that convert waste streams into renewable natural gas. Smithfield is North America’s largest pork producer. In early 2022, the private equity firm TPG acquired a stake in Monarch to support its rapid growth and decarbonization efforts. Today, Monarch has three partners, Roeslein, Smithfield, and TPG, and has a dedicated management team overseeing project development and execution, risk management, investments, strategy, and growth.

Monarch’s renewable natural gas facilities abate significant atmospheric methane release, setting industry records for ultra-low carbon intensity scores. Monarch’s RNG, standardized to pipeline grade and injected into the interstate natural gas pipeline system, offsets substantial amounts of traditional natural gas in the pipeline system. As an example of Monarch innovation, Monarch is building the nation’s most extensive biogas-dedicated midstream pipeline network in the Southeastern United States.

Monarch has built and actively operates ten production facilities in the United States and has a significant growth pipeline of over twenty additional Ultra-Low CI RNG projects in development. When all projects in development are complete, Monarch believes it will own the largest Ultra-Low CI RNG platform in the United States. Monarch continuously adds to its project development pipeline and can execute on any viable feedstocks.

In addition to building its growth pipeline of projects, Monarch is also pioneering novel approaches to nutrients, including the design and execution of sustainable fertilizer and natural soil amendments to enhance the platform’s circularity. Monarch also works with RAE to innovate alternative feedstocks, such as prairie grass, which supports biodiversity and ecosystem services. RAE is a pioneer in driving research and development on prairie grass as a feedstock. Monarch intends to eventually roll out prairie grass feedstock where applicable in its portfolio.

Monarch Bioenergy is one of North America’s largest turnkey RNG platforms today and is rapidly growing. Monarch also advances innovation in the RNG industry by developing novel bio-based nutrient products and sustainable fertilizers while supporting our environment with biodiversity and ecosystem services to create the next generation of bio-refinery platforms. More >>