Over the past 20 years, STX has been building and sharing knowledge about environmental markets. Our tenured position in renewable energy credit, carbon, and renewable fuel markets has fostered extensive relationships on both the project developer and end-user side of all the markets we cover. We trade environmental commodities and connect the dots in the global decarbonization economy. Our work ensure that money flows into projects that make the world a greener place.

For renewable fuels and biogas specifically, STX works with upstream and downstream participants in compliance and voluntary markets. Our 4,000+ client pool, combined with our continuous coverage of all regional and global RNG markets, allows us to find the most cost competitive products to help our clients meet their sustainability targets. Our position as a trading firm gives us flexibility in our relationship structures, allows us to take on risk that would otherwise fall on clients as the end user, and allows us to quickly capitalize on cost efficient market opportunities. More >>