The newly launched Wisconsin Dairy Alliance (WDA) supports and applauds State Sen. Robert Cowles, Sen. Jerry Petrowski and Rep. Joel Kitchens for their tenacity in implementing nonpoint source pollution through a new, innovative approach that will achieve superior results improving the environment.

WDA believes strongly in water quality trading and other market-based programs to maximize pollutant-reduction efforts and improve water quality for all dischargers. The WDA believes in parity for all dischargers and wants a path to compliance for all dischargers in order to meet the same “zero-discharge” standard applied to modern regulated dairy operations.

“Wisconsin must pursue an all-encompassing approach to environmental management, including the impact from all sources, such as homeowners excessively applying nitrate-based lawn products; controlled release of millions of gallons of sewage in urban centers; noncompliant farms that discharge; and the epidemic of substandard septic systems and outdated wells not in line with today’s standards,” said Cindy Leitner, president of the Wisconsin Dairy Alliance. More >>