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Burnham RNG (http://www.burnhamrng.com) is a wastewater and agricultural waste-to-renewable natural gas (RNG) provider that helps communities profitably reduce treatment & disposal costs, improve environmental outcomes and re-use energy, water, and nutrients. Burnham manages and reuses organic waste and wastewater by transforming it into RNG, clean water, and high-value soil additives that enhance sustainability and profitability.
The company builds/acquires, owns, and operates renewable natural gas (RNG) producing facilities with the mission to end emissions from waste and to live in a future where waste is a resource used to create low-carbon commodities and fuels. Burnham is a turnkey solutions provider that can build, finance, and operate these facilities.
By marketing and selling RNG and capturing associated tax benefits, the company can significantly reduce the cost of waste treatment and disposal for communities while improving environmental outcomes.
To accomplish their mission, they are looking to build and grow a cohesive team in an execution-oriented culture. They have created the following cultural markers and strive to hire like-minded people to help fuel their growth.


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