Construction of the state’s largest anaerobic digester Bioenergy DEVCO facility is nearly complete in Jessup, MD. “This is really a cow’s stomach on a very, very large scale. The same microbes in a cow’s stomach process our organic material, and that turns it into renewable energy and a compost-like fertilizer,” said Shawn Kreloff, CEO of ABC member Bioenergy DEVCO. Inside giant tanks at the facility are billions of tiny microbes processing material and converting it on a very large scale. “The natural gas gets cleaned up and gets put back into Baltimore Gas and Electric’s pipeline directly, so people can use it to heat homes and make energy,” Kreloff said. The compost material gets put into bags for farms to use in agriculture. The digester will have the capacity to divert nearly 115,000 tons a year of organic residuals from landfills and incineration. More >>