Biogas Industry Awards

About the Awards

The Biogas Industry Awards were developed in 2012 for the purpose of recognizing exemplary biogas projects, technology and individuals that are helping to advance the industry. 

Join us this fall for the 8th Annual Biogas Industry Awards Dinner at BioCycle REFOR19 in Madison, Wisconsin where we will award the Project of the Year, Innovation of the Year, and Biogas Visionary, and Friend of the ABC, and Longevity awards.

Nominations are currently open for the 2019 Biogas Industry Awards. Tickets to the awards dinner will be available this summer. 

The Award Categories

Project of the Year
For biogas projects. We plan to give one award in each of the following sub-categories: Agricultural, Municipal, Institutional, and Merchant. Judges will look for projects that show examples of cutting-edge technology, unique partnerships, and break-though uses of energy or co-products. 

Longevity Award
For biogas projects. Digesters that have been continuously operational for more than 5 years, without a shut down of more then 3 months, are eligible for these awards. An award will be given to all eligible projects. 

Innovation of the Year
For an innovative product. One award expected. 
For an innovative technology. One award expected. 

Biogas Visionary
For an individual. Presented ot an individual who has made a significant and lasting impact that has strengthened an grown the US biogas industry. One award expected. 

Friend of the ABC
Open. This is an open category intended to cover projects, innovations, and individuals, as described above, which stand out as an example to others but do not include any major partners that are ABC members. One award expected.  

Submitting a Nomination

To submit a nomination for Project of the Year, fill out this form. Project of the Year submissions are added to ABC’s Project Database. All projects submitted in 2019 are eligible to win a Project of the Year and Longevity Award, as long as they meet minimum eligibility requirements.*

To submit a nomination for Innovation of the Year or Biogas Visionary, submit a one-pager to [email protected] on why the innovation or individual should win the award.

*Note: Projects submitted in previous years will not be considered for a 2019 award. You will need to renominate projects before September 13 in order for them to be considered. 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

For all awards, except the Friend of the ABC, at least one major partner must be an ABC member in good standing.

Projects, innovations, and technologies must be operational or deployed on American soil. Imported technology deployed in the U.S. is eligible.

Projects and innovations must be fully operational. For example, if nutrient recovery is planned but currently not installed or operating, the technology should not be invluded in the project description or if so clearly stated as proposed.