The Trump administration is taking action to boost U.S. demand for biofuels under the RFS, as the president seeks to temper criticism from farmers and Midwest politicians before next year’s election. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture on Friday outlined several steps to aid those renewable fuels, committing to boost annual biofuel-blending quotas to make up for waivers exempting some small refineries from the mandates. The shift, which was outlined by the agencies Friday but still must be formally proposed and codified, would effectively force bigger, non-exempted refineries to take up the slack. Renewable Identification Numbers tracking 2019 conventional biofuel consumption targets jumped 13% to 26 cents apiece, the highest since June 28. Biodiesel RINs climbed 1.8% to 57 cents apiece, the highest price since Feb. 7. More >>